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What am I doing to be better? | Overland Park KS Senior Photographer

I have been busy working. I am so blessed. I am always striving to do better. be better. live better. I am not okay withREAD MORE

Superstar! | Overland Park KS Senior Photographer

Morgan is a superstar!  She rocks! She climbed the goal post. Yes, I know…climbed the goal post! And I haveREAD MORE


First Birthday Party | Overland Park KS Event Photographer

Well it’s here. I can’t believe it’s been a year.  This weekend is FITbaby’s First Birthday &READ MORE

warrensburg photographer

Real Estate Photography Tips | Overland Park KS

I’m going to apologize up front because the title of this post is misleading. MY REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: HireREAD MORE

Warrensburg MO Family Photographer

photo challenge | hey girl!

Can you think of a better girl for this photo challenge than FITbaby?! When I saw this challenge this month I thoughtREAD MORE

FITori PHOTO | Overland Park KS Photographer?

So…I’m seriously considering making a business out of photography!! :O Phew. I said it. Scary. WeREAD MORE

It’s all in the details | Changes around here!

So, did you notice the change to the blog? Subtle. Yes. Better. Yes. Awesome. Yes. I needed a bit of a change. I oftenREAD MORE

styleberryBLOG | FIT family Newborn Photoshoot

In case you didn’t catch these via my FITori Facebook Page a few weeks ago, my newborn photos have been revealedREAD MORE

styleberryPHOTO | FITbaby newborn shoot sneak peak!

At first we thought she was a mini FIThubby. Now we aren’t sure. She has my lips and smile, we think. She has hisREAD MORE

Project 52: 23 | Update

Yes, I know. I’m totally stealing pics from last week if you didn’t notice. And, I’m a week behind.READ MORE

FITori Body Image during Pregnancy | Maternity Photos Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted the first part to this post, showing you the photos that styleberry (my BFF) took of just meREAD MORE

Project 52: 22 | Our First Child…

We’ve been spending a lot of time with our Toby this week, enjoying him before our new baby comes along! Toby andREAD MORE

FITori thoughts on pregnancy | Maternity Photos Part I

I’ve been holding out on sharing these maternity photos! Sorry about that! I am still holding out a little becauseREAD MORE

Project 52: 19 | I’m free!!!!

We had the most fun the other day taking Toby for a walk in the woods and letting him off leash. We wouldn’t letREAD MORE

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