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FITori Answers | Which comes first….the cardio or the weights?!

I get asked this question often by readers….should I do cardio or weights first? ¬†Well, the answer is complicatedREAD MORE

My new ride!

My new ride!!!! I got the Trek 7.2 FX and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve ridden for at least an hour a day since the day weREAD MORE

P!nk – A Fitness Inspiration

P!nk at 2010 Grammys [source] P!nk obviously works hard for her physique and I love her muscular look. She has someREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Skullcrushers (Triceps)

Muscle & Fitness HERS – Mar/Apr 2008 – Figure Pro Felicia RomeroI call these Skullcrushers and I use aREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Barbell Squat

Oxygen Magazine – april 2004 – Katy Odiatu I used to use the Smith Machine solely for squats. I have sinceREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Leg Extensions

Oxygen Magazine – June 2002 – IFBB Pro Adelina FriedmanskyI know most of you know this machine, but I alsoREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Bench Step Ups

Oxygen Magazine in Spring 2008 – Glutes Collectors IssueIf you read my workouts in my journals you see I’veREAD MORE

exercises: Upright Rows (Delts)

I got this image from the Abs Collector’s Issue of Oxygen Magazine from Summer 2008I use my VersaGripps on thisREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Good Mornings

Oxygen Magazine in May 2003 with Strength coach, Charles Poliquin and moel Sarah OrbanicThis is a great exercise for theREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Freemotion Row

The new gym that I tried today had a Freemotion Row machine which was great! I enjoyed trying these machines. ItREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Inverted Row

I am still doing this move as a beginner. Today was my first time trying this exercise. I need to add mass and strengthREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Overhead Cable Rope Triceps Press

Oxygen Magazine (March 2004) Model: Jennie HankeI like this exercise the best for the triceps because it also engagesREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Arnold Press

The Arnold Press is called that because it is one of Arnold’s favorite exercises for shoulders. It incorporatesREAD MORE

EXERCISES: Stiff/Straight Leg Deadlift

The stiff/straight leg deadlift is one of my favorites!!!! You can click on the video below to watch a how-to video thatREAD MORE

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