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FITori Answers | All About CrossFit!!!

Hi Tori, Wondering if FITbaby arrived yet… if not, I have a question for you since you’re the most hard coreREAD MORE

avoid a wedgie at the gym | Boy shorts!

I saw this question asked in a magazine recently and thought I’d ask all of you…. How do you avoid a wedgieREAD MORE

My new ride!

My new ride!!!! I got the Trek 7.2 FX and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve ridden for at least an hour a day since the day weREAD MORE

Best husband ever…

Please keep in mind that (as my BFF says) this is his “I know I’m the shit” face….so true!  AndREAD MORE

Shin splints & New Shoes!

Shin splints….boo. That’s what I get for upping my cardio drastically (not gradually) and wearing old shoesREAD MORE

WOW! The Shake Weight! Where can I get one?

I stole this from one of my favorite bloggers….. Muscle and the City All I have to say is….wow! If only itREAD MORE & Heather Frey

I thought I would introduce you all to Heather Frey and Smashfit if you are not already familiar. You can add her andREAD MORE

MUST HAVE: Vision Board

I got the idea to blog about my vision board from Girl With No Name on her blog. Great idea!!! Thanks!I put together myREAD MORE

fitness gear: Hand Sanitizer

I found this in Oprah’s Magazine in September 2008. Thought I’d share with you because it looks like a greatREAD MORE

I Can’t

I found this on Erik’s Blog on Lean Bodies Consulting, but it was originally written by Leigh Peele on her blog. IREAD MORE

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Many of us are drinking a gallon or more of water a day and we need to take our water with us on the road out for theREAD MORE

How to choose a gym

There are a few great articles on regarding choosing a gym. Here are a few facts though for you toREAD MORE

Anytime Fitness

Well, folks, I joined a new gym. We have worked out on base for years because it’s free and usually it’s theREAD MORE

MUST HAVE: Food Scale & Measuring Cups

If you’re eating healthy and still not losing weight or you’re just not sure how much to be eating…orREAD MORE

MUST HAVE: Coolers, Cooler Packs, Tupperware…

Today, I had to go out in the field for the day, so I packed my meals and yes, I ate them cold…true dedication.READ MORE

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