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Project 52: 24 | Bloopers

Who doesn’t like a good blooper? These pics are out of focus and out of frame, but they’re fun. I thought I’d share since I haven’t really felt like picking up my camera. I haven’t really felt like bending down to get the right angle for a good shot these days.  I do have some great ideas for posts but I’m feeling uninspired by where we live right now (temporary for the next month) and I’m not feeling like GOING to find a good location (with it being 107 degrees and moving around being difficult!!).  Don’t worry….I’m moving, walking and staying active but the idea of bending when I don’t need to is daunting!:)

bloopersNews. We went to the doctor yesterday and MORE PROGRESS!!! WOOHOO!!!  But….still nothing.  I’m contracting but not in labor yet so we’re still waiting….and waiting.  The doctor “stirred things up” yesterday so I’m more uncomfortable than before and was really hoping for something last night. Nothing. I have to admit. I woke up a little disappointed!:)


She’s still cooking! She’s cooking a big, smart brain so we’ll let her cook as long as she needs to….within reason!:)Our due date is Monday 6/27/11. Doctor says she thinks our girl is about 8 lbs…not huge but not tiny.  She’s dropped and engaged and everyone out and about keeps saying that she’s too high to be ready to arrive anytime soon….wondering if she’s tall? Who knows! Wondering a lot these days! Excited and ready to meet this sweet little thing!:)

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thehealthyapron - Aww so cute! Such a lovely pup!

Roz - Love the Toby pics! Hang in there Tori, you are almost there!!!

sandi - they may be out of focus but they are adorable! i always love the bloopers more than the regular photos of the kids. they’re wonderful memories that i’ll always laugh at. 8lbs is big! but then you’re tall so maybe she’s just long and skinny. i don’t know what i would have done if my kids were 8lbs.

tori - I think she’ll be a chunker! :) FIThubby and I both were! :) And she’ll only get chubbier w/ BFing I assume! :) My only concern is 8 lbs at 39 weeks means 9.5 lbs at 42 weeks! HA! (.5 lb a week!) :-O Dr. isn’t concerned b/c of my height so neither am I! We’ll be fine! Can’t wait to meet her!!!

tori - almost. just a few more hours? days? weeks? :) Waiting.

tori - Thanks girl!!! :)

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