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Project 52: 27 | My Little Firecracker!

She was born a few days before my birthday and the Fourth of July. If we hadn’t induced I think she would have arrived on July 2, 3 or 4th!  She’s My Little Firecracker! [Thanks Anne for the onesie!!!]

As I looked for a photo from this week for this post I was surprised at my reservation to post certain photos of her…….protective mommy worrying about her baby’s photos and the BIG BAD INTERNET.

Any advice to share on how much to share on the internet of your kiddos????  It’s a scary world.  But how protective should I be?


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Ela - Congrats again–hope you guys are all doing wonderfully.

My brother and his wife don’t want me to put any pics of their daughter on my blog, but they’re a little paranoid. Some of my favorite bloggers have pics of their kids in practically every post, and it seems like a great way to preserve memories. But I don’t really know anything…

sandi - i have pics of my kids all over facebook (and myspace, but who uses that anymore). i think that if i ever start blogging i’ll have photos of my kids everywhere there too. i think it’s okay as long as you are keeping some things private or at least restricted so only certain people can see everything.

Toronto Girl West - In my line of work, I have the unfortunate job of seeing what horrids thing people do with pictures of children on the internet.

To be honest, I am now pretty well incapable of reading blogs that feature children. Hence, why I even stay away from some of the most popular blogs out there.

My personal policy is to not put any pictures of children on my blog.

This is also a matter I’ve discussed with the Husband, and we’ve decided that when we eventually have little ones they won’t be on the blog. Maybe their stuff, maybe their little outlines or hands. But not their faces.

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