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Project 52: 28 | Laundry

I haven’t used my fancy camera enough lately! I haven’t done one photoshoot with my FITbaby girl since she was born! Sad! I will though! I have a plan to….still thinking through WHERE but I have the blankets, hat, Fuzzibunz etc for it. I just need a location!

These were taken on my iPhone as are most of my photos these days.  It’s just easier. I can grab my iPhone and try to capture the moment. I can’t get to my fancy camera in time to capture a shot. So, many of these pics may be taken with my iPhone.

I don’t want to miss moments with her to be behind the camera trying to capture them!

So, why is this post titled LAUNDRY??!! Well, because I am doing TOO much of it and was doing laundry with her on the bed with me in this pic.  Daily loads include cloth diapers, wipes and nursing pads plus the full-sized towels [2 daily] used during her daily baths. Then, at least every other day is a full load of burp cloths, swaddle blankets and tons of clothing per day [due to spitting, not fashion]! I’m busy doing laundry ALL day every day! That should slow down [I hope] in the next couple months. She’ll be peeing less [fewer diapers], no longer needing swaddling and hopefully spitting up less  [fewer burp cloths, swaddle blankets & outfits].

And, yes, she is the cutest freakin’ baby ever!!  I know, I know, I’m biased. But come on….I think she’s just perfect! I am sooo thankful every day when I look at her that she is our perfect little bundle of joy.

Why is she wearing socks in this pic? Yes, she looks goofy. I have purchased very little clothing for her because we have so much! Before we had her I thought….it’s summer. Why would we need jammies with feet on them? Well….here’s why!  The swaddle is key! Buy many swaddle blankets. Learn to swaddle. Tightly. Really tightly.  The feet tend to come out of the swaddle in some blankets.  Because of SIDS and to for good quality sleep, we keep her room COLD.  So, her little feet stick out and they’re like little ice crystal toes!:(We can’t have that!

So, the footed jammies are now a staple in our post-bath routine!

And, trust me…I’m working on my birth story post. First draft is done!


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Ashley - My girl was a spitter, and man, that does make a ton of laundry. Hers slowed down a bit around 6 months, and was very seldom around 8-9 months. From about 10 months until now (16 months) she will still randomly spit up, but it is like once a week. When it was the worst (around 3 months) it was the most annoying thing in the world to me. But thankfully now I can just say ‘oh yeah, my kid was a spitty baby too’ and move on.

But seriously, if we were going on vacation or something, I had to pack two-three outfits per day for her, and two for myself. And there were a few times that we went through every freaking piece of clothing I brought with.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your little lady isn’t quite as spitty as mine was!

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