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*sniff*sniff* FITori Fave | Scentsy warmers

I love Scentsy!

It’s been a struggle for me for about 5 years to find a great way to make my house smell wonderful….when I come in the door from being gone all day.

What’s wrong with candles? I LOVE Circle E “Birds of Paradise” and I love a ton of different Yankee Candle scents.  And sure, you can light a candle, but not while you’re gone!! [Remember, I want to smell the great smell when I walk in the door.]  Or if you’re like me, you do leave them lit while you’re gone and count your blessings when you come home that you didn’t lose everything [including Toby] while gone!

What happened 5 years ago? I learned that the plug-ins that I LOVED are a fire hazard! They are plastic and they can melt and catch fire!  I decided it wasn’t worth the risk.  There’s a lot of evidence that they can cause fires and my home, possessions, Toby and the hassle that would be involved are too important to me to take the risk. The same goes for the candles that I’m awful at remembering are lit!

Enter Scentsy! I love this idea. Yes, they stay plugged in all the time, but they don’t have to stay on. [On/Off Switch] They are decorative but they are not plastic, so they’re not going to melt and catch fire. Now, anything plugged in is a fire hazzard, I’m sure!  But, to a lesser extent if it won’t burn [like the plastic plug-ins.]

Scentsy is a warmer for wax, but there is no flame. There is a lightbulb that heats the wax and makes the scent fill the room.  A little scent goes a LONG way in our house also. I have one in each wing and then one in the foyer and since I inherited another as a gift I added one to the kitchen! I love them!  I empty the wax right into the trash can and add new wax every few days, when I need to cover up a smell, or if I come into the house and don’t smell it!

Home Decor. I love that they add something to my decor and are functional too. The one I posted on my outtake is my favorite…the stand is separate, but I love that too!!  The one in this pic is in our Master Bedroom since we have some Zebra accents in the Master Bed and Bath. OH! And, they’re great night lights too!! I don’t need night lights in the bathrooms anymore….I just add these!  Another purpose! Love dual-purposed items!! Less clutter.:)

My favorite scents. I buy the bricks but I cut each cube in half because they’re plenty big!

  • Sugar cookie [for the kitchen] in the Bakery Collection
  • Autumn Sunset [seasonal and in foyer] in the Favorites Collection
  • Satin Sheets [all over. always in the bedroom] in the Favorites Collection

I love my Scentsy rep and you can find her here.  Just click on BUY to start shopping. You can also search for a local rep in your area.

What are your favorite Scentsy scents?  How do you make your house smell great?

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stacey - I have wanted these forever! Every house that has one smells great, but I just haven’t had the extra cash to do so. Someday!

Brooke Young - I too am a Scentsy fanatic! Had the giraffe one that you have pictured however it became a casualty in Ryan’s war with the cat, don’t ask. :) I have about 3 of the large ones around the house and the plug ins in the baby’s room, my bedroom, and both baths.

My favorite scents:

Pretty in Pink (always in my bedroom, just found out its discontinued!! Grrrr)
Satin Sheets

I let my big boys pick a scent for their KU warmer in their bedroom and they chose Black Rasperry Vanilla. I do not love this scent, but they do so hey, cool points for mom.

Every time someone has a party I always buy a sampler pack to save more $$ and usually give some as gifts! Last Christmas I gave Scentsy plug-ins with a fragrance bar to my girlfriends and viola! perfect $20 gift.

Only downside? I am not a huge fan of the Scentsy tins or the car air fresheners.

Colleen - Well I have to correct your information on plug-ins. Not all have that same problem, although most do. Bath & Body Works sells Slatkin Wallflowers and they actually have built in fuses that will pop when they get too hot, which causes them to stop working but it’s better to replace a plug-in than a home.

Audra - Clean with Mrs. Meyers. I have the orange clove seasonal scent. I wipe down the counters with it at night, and the scent lingers all day. It’s wonderful. It may be aromatherapeutic too, because I love cleaning with it. They’re selling it at Wal-mart now. :)

tori - @stacey – great gift idea for Santa!
@Brooke – GREAT info!!!! Thanks for the other scent ideas too!!! (I have often looked at that KU warmer myself!!!)
@Colleen – GREAT info! I did not know! I may have to go back and think again about buying the Wallflowers again! I had no idea!!! I LOVED my wallflowers and miss them so *single tear*
@Audra – Also a GREAT idea!!! I will have to get some and try it in lieu of my vodka cleaner!

Rebecca - Hey there,

My name is Rebecca and I’m a Casting Producer for the TLC show Freaky Eaters. We are launching into our second season and we are looking for adults addicted to food!!!

I can be reached by emailing or 323.904.4680 x1147

Thanks so much and have a great day!


Alanah Nasadyk - It’s a shame that they’re a petroleum based product though. Wish they offered truly eco-friendly alternatives. Although there are ways of using other natural-based wax products with the scentsy holders: So I’ve given that some consideration.

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