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10 thoughts on whole living | clutter is indecision

Here is some inspiration for your weekend!  What are you going to do this weekend? I AM ON A JOURNEY TOWARD PURGIN EVERYTHING UNNECESSARY IN MY HOME!!!  I am throwing away everything! It was thrust upon me in the kitchen when my entire kitchen was moved into my dining room for our kitchen remodel.  I have more work to do to declutter, but I totally agree w/ this and it resonated with me when I read that “Clutter is indecision.”  SO true!  I pledge to work this weekend on decluttering, finding a home for everything and throwing away everything I don’t need….including duplicates of things and things I haven’t used in a while.  This was part of my New Year’s Resolution for 2010 and when I readdressed them this summer, I included this in there…it’s a continued effort/project!

I found this page in the Whole Living magazine this month and I HAD to share it! I added the highlighting myself.   So many of these lines I find POWERFUL and INSPIRING!  Since I am healing right now…I enjoyed line #1.  Since I truly appreciate my alone time, #4 I find great!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE line #5 about clutter. I love #6 because I am OBSESSED with learning!  That speaks to me! I also love #8 about rushing.I find myself rushing ALL the time.

Slow down, quit rushing, enjoy some alone time, declutter, get excited, listen to your body, get excited and lead with your heart!!!

Does anything in this page speak to you?  Hope it inspires you to go do something great this weekend!

resource:  Whole Living | September 2010

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