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2010 Goals

I don’t like the term “New Years’ Resolution” because I think it sets people up for failure. I think people who say “finally, this year, starting January 1, I will go to the gym and get in shape” are setting themselves up for further hatred when they don’t stick to it. I believe people need to start making changes here and there….start becoming more active before saying I’m going to go to the gym every day. Sign up with a trainer. Work on making healthier decisions. Or, work on portions and consciously “shrink” your stomach. Stop eating after a certain time. Start eating breakfast. Find something active that you enjoy. Not everyone is a crazy gym rat like myself. And, you can’t expect yourself to be or you’re setting yourself up for failure. And, when you fail and you hate yourself….what are you going to do? Go eat and get fatter! NOT the right course of action.

Anyway….off my soapbox I step. I have a few goals for 2010. A lot is up in the air with my husband including when he’ll be gone and when he’ll be home, etc. But, the things that I can control and plan for….I will.

  • Get and stay more organized. One space at a time.  This takes continual effort for me. I’ve worked really hard and become MUCH more organized than I’ve ever been but I’m not there yet. I do not have a home for everything I have in my house yet.  It’s a slow process and I’m getting better….which is great!  I have to make this more of a priority.
  • Compete by the end of the year
  • Read all of my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy (including nutrition), first year books in prep for the next phase in my life (Don’t criticize me for being a planner. I don’t want to hear it.)
  • After getting in competition shape, work on maintaining my weight and eating a pregnancy-healthy diet.
  • Learn how to use my new camera and take steps toward becoming a “good” photographer
  • Complete my Masters Degree by 2010 or at the latest February 2011
  • Blog more often….INSPIRE OTHERS!!!
  • Keep up with reading my favorite blogs (step one: organization has helped a lot as I have organized my blogs in my “Mail” application on my new computer

Well those are the items I can put on the internet…publicly.  So, wish me luck!  And, GOOD LUCK to all of you on your 2010 Goals!!!!! Hopefully fitness is on it and I can help you with your fitness goals!!!

Audra - girl, i just saw this post. and all i have to say about your pregnancy planning is go crazy and get it out of your system, because there’s not a whole lot you can control about those little boogers once they arrive. 🙂

tori - Give me advice…what do I need to get out of my system?

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