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2011 Goals

Ok, I think this is it. I covered health, nutrition, birthing, getting back into shape, money, staying a good wife, becoming a good mother to baby and Toby, business, blog, studies, photography/hobbies, etc.  Did I cover it all?
  • Less is more.  Work on cutting down to a manageable amount of: magazines, emails, Facebook friends, stuff, clothes….Continue my process to further organize my life….home, computer, work, car, etc.
  • Project 52 on the blog…continue to explore and learn photography
  • Workout at least 3x a week [when able] during and after pregnancy
  • Work on getting back into shape reasonably soon after baby’s born
  • Continue with health and nutrition as my #1 goal for diet/exercise rather than vanity
  • Finish all my baby, breastfeeding and birth books!
  • Stick to our new & working budget of $x per week per person
  • Pay off $x debt before baby is born
  • Grow my FIToriBLOG readership and start taking clients as FITori Consulting
  • Open up
  • Blog at least 3x a week and keep up with others’ blogs approximately 2x a week
  • Complete at least 5 more Nutrition/Wellness/Personal Training certifications in 2011 (or before baby!)
  • Keep Toby around 75 lbs all year
  • Figure out motherhood while also remaining true to myself and remaining a good wife.

Attach a link to your goals or list some of them below!!  Did you cover it all? Money, health, family, business?

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Chelsea McCown - Those sounds wonderful!! I am so excited for you, Charlie, Toby and Baby Bolt! It will be a great year! Here are my goals:

Dee Dee - I love making and meeting new goals! Good luck with everything this new year!!

Toronto Girl West - I love your goals – there are a lot of them but they are really well thought out! 🙂 I’ve no doubt you’ll achieve them all!

As far as me – I actually spent a lot of time creating an inspiration board to document some of my wellness goals. I posted about it here:

Christin@purplebirdblog - Such a wonderful list of goals, Tori! Mine are found here

Audra - I am overwhelmed just reading your goals. My goals? Make it through the next year without having a nervous breakdown. The end. 😉

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - It’s so interesting that one of your goals is to keep up with blogs of others only twice per week. Sometimes, I feel like keeping up with others takes over my own life. I do enjoy reading the blogs of others very much, but sometimes it gets to be a lot. I’m wondering how doing so just twice per week works for you.

Courtney F - Great goals for 2011, Tori. You are going to be a fabulous working mama!

Sandi - every year i start to make a list, but then it starts to get as long as yours and i fell overwhelmed and throw it away! this year i said ‘what’s most important?’, wrote those down and then crossed off the ones i’m already committed to or great at (like graduating and spending time with my family). i ended up with just a few: eating better, serving better food to my family, working out, and becoming less addicted to facebook.

Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) - I love that you have set goals that are achievable! Our want to finish writing my cookbook and focus on my career goals this year. We are also going to eat more seasonally so I hope to broaden my knowledge of fresh in season produce that I haven’t used before. I wish you all the success in the world this year!

tori - Thanks for all of your positive comments!!! You girls are the best!!!
I love the inspiration board idea! I did one too and I’m kind of bad about updating it…..what’s new?! This is what mine looked like almost 2 years ago! Wow…time flies….
@ Audra – is that what i have to look forward to with motherhood?! Oh brother. By the way thanks for the laughter!!
@ Michele – I’m SOO bad at keeping up w/ emails and blogs! 2x a week seems like a good goal! Ha! I think if I didn’t work 8+ hours a day away from this computer, I’d be better about it but at night….I’m sick of the computer and exhausted and doing good just to get my own blog updated!
@ Courney F – that is so sweet!!!
@Sandi – I had to stop b/c I could keep going forever though I’m thinking of adding one…been going back and forth!!! I like yours!!!! And less FB is a good thing for all I think…but not my FB page…hahaha! j/k
@ Sarena – I LOVE YOUR GOALS! they are great and to the point!! excellent!!!

TheHealthyApron - I just started trying (shhhh don’t tell haha) but I was wondering if you had fears about gaining weight or losing weight post baby? I do and I know that is SO selfish!! I want to embrace a baby body but I’m still scared. I have been overweight before (in high school ~10 years ago) and I know it’s silly but I always told myself I never wanted to look like that again and I’m scared that having a baby will make me look like that. ANy adivce or words of encouragement? I know I’m a dietitian but I am also STILL female!!

tori - @ Healthy Apron – I don’t really….ok maybe a little. I guess I’m really just being careful and trying to not gain a ridiculous amount. I want to nurse afterward and I’m adamant about that and I know that’ll help. Call me naive maybe or in denial 🙂 But, I’m only seeing myself as sexy pregnant and losing the weight after. I’m not visualizing myself as anything other than that. I’m using the friends of mine who have “sprung” back into shape as my encouragement and my role models so that I believe it can be done and putting the rest out of my head! I am remembering that the body has a memory and wants to be in shape and feel good and I know that if I get back into the gym and eating right and nursing that I will bounce back, though I know my body will probably look different than it did before – *bigger boobs, bigger boobs* hahaha! I guess my only advice is what I’m doing with myself – have faith in yourself. think positively. only look at good examples. And during pg, recognize that your body is being used for something SO much more important than vanity. It’s for making a baby – what a miracle. I definitely feel FREE from worrying about my body. I’m just marveling at all the changes! And, thankful I get this opportunity. Hope that helps some :/ Congrats on trying!!! let me know if you need any words of encouragement or anything! It can be a tough time! I gained 10 lbs just to try and it was tough being in limbo! Good luck!!!

Lovinme1st - Yes Tori I love your goals!!! You are absolutely correct. If you nuse post pregnancy, you will snap back, I nursed & lost more than my pregnancy weight but I didnt stick to a diet after nursing & gained my weight back 🙁 But there is nothing wrong w/visualizing yourself as nothing else but Sexy!!!

tori - That’s awesome!!! Are you back down where you want to be now?

Lovinme1st - Noooooo. Tori I am at an all time high. I have never worn this much in my life even during my pregnancy of a carrying a 10lb.13oz baby! I feel so shamed & stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a starting point I know..

tori - @ Lovinme…..:-O What’s your plan to get back down there?! What’s your starting point?? I hate to hear you sound like that!

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