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What’s happenin’? | 26 weeks & life….

It’s been almost a week since I posted and I’ve enjoyed my computer break! Lately I’m having a hard time after work finding the mental “juice” to write a good post or to answer emails! I have a lot of emails to reply back to and I promise, you’re on my list! I’m not ignoring you! I just don’t want to send out half-assed responses!

Sorry for the crappy pics! I had to post an update but these are sad pics, really! My hair is still wet and they aren’t really in focus! Sorry!

What’s up? We were out of town for well over a week and had a great time together!  We went back to the place we met and fell in love.  By the time we got back, we were back to work and getting caught up from being gone! Now, we’re both sick. 🙁 And, my dad is in the hospital. It’s been busy and a week bit stressful! But, I have nothing but blessings in my life right now and can’t complain.

What I have recently learned:

  • I need to highlight my hair after baby is born!  I am looking drab these days with the pale skin and dark hair!
  • Girl scout cookies are the devil. They need to remain out of my house. They do not fill me up so I can’t stop at one and they are too high in calories. Damn the hubby for the order he wanted to place! Argh!
  • Traveling while preggo is tough….having to pee every hour extends a trip and sure changes things when the interstate is closed and momma has to pee!
  • HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT!!! I have SO many (4) family members who have been struck with heart and lung problems this past week due to obesity, lifestyle and smoking. I am angry and very driven to remain healthy for my baby to not put her through this heartache and stress our family has experienced lately!
  • I do not have gestational diabetes, but that drink….OMG…kicked my boot-ay! I had no idea I would almost pass out and feel like crap ALL DAY.
  • Worrying does not good. This year one of the lessons I’m learning is that things I never dreamed would happen sometimes happen. And, worrying does no good.
  • I am a lucky, blessed and happy girl for all I have in my life.

What I am doing:

  • I am reading about chidlbirth, nursing, motherhood, baby’s first year, reviews on strollers, etc.  SO much to learn!
  • Resting when I need it, mentally and physically. Trying to “take it easy” with the stress we have going on and take care of myself and FITbabygirl
  • We closed on our house. We’re busy with that and a move happening soon! Thank God for good friends letting us live with them til we have a new home!
  • Trying to cook every day for the hubs and myself and make sure lunches are available for him for work days. I have a great spinach lasagna recipe I made from Oxygen Mag on Friday and I’ll share that with you this week, assuming I’m not knocked on my butt from this cold that I think I’m starting as of today.

What’s new with FITori:

  • Almost done with the discussion board that we’re working on!!!  Been working on design and pricing. Also, figuring out how it’ll all work with payments, etc. Still working on recurring payments and Paypal!
  • Redoing my watermark for my pictures. I’ll show you what we’re working on later this week hopefully and get your input.  I’m thinking of using my logo “FITori” and adding an apple and then [blog] after it. We’ll see. I’m not happy with the watermark now…I don’t think it matches my logo well enough!

Any lessons you’ve learned lately?  If I could only do one post this week, what would you want it to be on? Anything you’re dying to know about fitness/nutrition/pregnancy/FITori?


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun - You look so great and sound so happy!

And for your reading – I highly recommend the book Babywise. It has priceless info on sleeping and helping your child get into a routine. You have to take it and adapt it to yourself of course, but it gives good perspective and the overall premise is great.

Nikki - I just got my hair highlighted the other day and I feel SO much better! It was getting too brown and boring for me too. I’m back to being a redhead now. Aveda salon with natural, organic coloring–no fumes 🙂

tori - I think I’ll get mine done a few weeks before baby so my Newborn pics will have a highlight! Did you upload any pics to FB so I can see?! LOVE Aveda!!! How awesome!! 🙂

tori - Thanks girl! I am! And you too! 🙂 You’re such a great role model!! 🙂 I love Babywise so far, in theory! I plan to read it again once or twice before she’s born! I love hearing that it worked for other moms! Some of the most “together” moms I know have used and love Babywise!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Glad to see you back… wondered about you. I know just what you mean about not having the mental juice to write a great post sometimes. I’m really busy with work right now, and I’m just drained afterward. I’m with you… plus, you’ve got the stress on your body of pregnancy too. That must make you tired sometimes too.

Christin@purplebirdblog - Nice to see your beautiful face, Tori! 🙂

Cynthia - Those pics of you are so cute! You are looking great.

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