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A little pregnant? | The day that changed everything…

Here’s the story of the day I found out I was pregnant….

5:30am I get up to pee. I decide to pee on a stick.  “It’s morning so that’s the best time to test.  It’s only 10-11 DPO [days past ovulation] so it’s really early but with all the symptoms I’m having, I’m testing now. Ok, tested. Nothing.” Threw test in the trash can.  [5 seconds pass] “Was there a line? A faint line?” Hmmm….took the test back out of the trash.  “Well, there’s an extremely faint line….extremely! Is it there? Am I dreaming? Are my eyes blurred?  It’s 5:30am. I’d better take a pic.” Grab the iPhone. Take a pic for later.

8:00am Wake up for real. Take a look at the pic. “Is there a line? Hmmmm….maybe that’s a line. Maybe I’m dreaming it.”  Text it to BFF.

Immediately. {BING} [BFF] OMG! Did you take a real one?

{SWOOP}  [me] Just that one. I think I’ll wait til tomorrow morning, no? I’m not getting my hopes up!!

{BING} [BFF] Well I am! Go get a digi!!! That is what my first one looked like! Search my blog for the pic!

{SWOOP} [me] Same day as the faint line?

{BING} [BFF] If you got the line once, it’s not going away.

{SWOOP} [me] I’m scared it’ll say NOT!

{BING} [BFF] Well it might, but I saw a line!!!!

{SWOOP} [me] I’m still thinking about waiting til tomorrow.

{BING} [BFF] Go get a test!!!! A line is a line.

I got a test…..PREGNANT! (Clearblue rocks!!)

{NOTE: iPhone noises may only make sense to iPhone users}

How’d I tell the hubby? We started dating when we were 15 years old. We have quite a history. We have had many first together. We graduated college. Got married. Went on first trips. Bought our first house. Got our first dog. Raised our puppy. Renovated houses. Etc. Etc. I wanted to put that all together and tell him that we were about to start a whole new chapter of our lives together after SIX years of marriage!  I made a slideshow of our lives together. I used a song that was special to us when we were fifteen. When FIThubby moved away [after only 8 months of dating] I [we] listened to this song ad-nauseum…..and I think it has some meaning to our future…..”I’ll be the greatest fan of your life” Applies to each other….and FITbaby.

Here’s the slideshow of our lives….

As soon as the slideshow was over, it went back to slide one….FIThubby’s reaction…

“Wait, what?! Go back?! What did that last slide say?! What?! Really?! When?! Are you sure?!” 😀

Find BFF here….

I just realized today that this week I have off work MAY BE the last week I have off before we have a kid!!!  Crazy…..

How’d you tell your hubby you were pregnant?

How do you plan to tell your  hubby?

What’s the best idea you’ve heard from a friend?

Lynley - Oh, Tori!! That has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! Got me in tears!!

Alana Whitener - That’s awesome. Yeah…definitely in tears!

Tracy - i loved every second of your slide show! how fun to see you guys through the years (even though ive known you for most of them) but still, very fun. and super cute idea!!
with Jenna’s pregnancy, I took the test and then had Connor walk it out to Jeff, who was watching tv on the couch. With Connor’s pregnancy, I put the test on the vanity in the bathroom and he saw it when he got ready for work that morning. Im not too creative!

Rachael - Ah so exciting! I second the Clearblue & laughed out loud at the iphone text noises. 🙂

I found out on February 4th & Kevin was getting in from a TDY so I bought a bib that said “I love my Daddy” and wrapped it up with the test and gave it to him as an early Valentine’s Day gift when I picked him up from work.

Sara - I wasn’t very creative – at all! I had been charting and I was on day 17 past ovulation and my luteral phase is 12 days. So that plus the fact that I had cramps at about day 14/15 and no period I knew I was pregnant. I was trying to figure out how to tell my hubs and we were sitting around on a Sunday morning and he was making all these plans about what he wanted to do in about 8 months with work around the house and stuff and I just blurted out, “I’m pregnant.” He sat there for a moment and then said, “did you take a test?” “I didn’t have to, I know I ovulated and I didn’t get my period.”
“We need to go get a test.” he said. He made me take two before he believed me. And as my BFF told me, If you’re pregnant you don’t have to sit and wait the full time it says to, that thing turns right away.

Sandi - Love the slide show (and the song)…so many memories! With my 2nd I found out the morning of Christmas Eve. I was like 2 weeks late so I took the test over lunch because by then you’ll get a line any time of day. That night after we had wrapped presents and put them under the tree I told my hubby that I had a Christmas present just for him. He started to get all mad at me because we had decided not to get presents for each other. I had made a card that day from my 6month old saying he was going to be a big brother.

Amy - How awesome Tori! I was brought to tears while watching your video:) I can’t imagine how excited your husband was!
Something even more ironic is that one of my best friends LOVES your BFF’s blog! She has just started cloth diapering & making all her own baby food because of her! What a small world!?!
Congrats again on expecting, what an exciting 2011 you will have!

Courtney F - That is the cutest thing ever!! What a creative way to tell hubs!
I ran in the room and jumped on the bed while he was sound asleep and asked if he was ready to be a daddy. He sleepily looked at me and it took a minute to register, but the biggest grin came across his face!!

Graze With Me - I loved the slide show, what a creative way to announce it!

I’m not sure how I want to tell my hubs…I’m charting so he’s pretty much up to date on what happens when so a surprise would be hard. I’m an only child though so I think I’m more excited to tell my parents that they will have a grandchild. I’ve already thought of a ton of ways to tell them when the time comes.

Have a great holiday!

Amy - How fun! I think I want to cry for you 🙂
I’m boring.. I think I just told him. I can’t even remember anymore.

tori - Thanks so much for the kind words everyone!!!!!
Tracy – I’m stealing that idea for our second!! Thanks!!
Rachael – I’m glad you “got it” w/ the iPhone noises….wasn’t so sure anyone would get it! Glad Kevin didn’t stay gone any longer….can’t imagine keeping that secret for weeks or months! I am the worst liar..wouldn’t work for me!
Sara – yay for smart hubbies and BFFs 😉
Amy – yay for tears 🙂 Thanks so much!!!!!!!! And, what a small world!!! How crazy!!!
Courtney F – that’s awesome! I love it!
Graze – it’s necessary but it can take some surprise out….better that he’s involved though.
Amy2 – not boring!! Thank you!!!

Katie - Wow..that is precious. Congratulations to your family!

La. - Awe that was soooooooooooooooo sweet! I admit…I teared up. Totally. That is a REALLY sweet way to tell your man!

tori - Thanks Katie and La!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - i love this story!

Jen @ Canoe of Life - That was the most beautiful video and such a great way of letting your husband know about baby!

I’ve been browsing your blog and I’m loving it! You have such great information and wait to spend more time checking it all out…

tori - thanks so much Jen!!!! That means so much to know you like my blog! 🙂 Thank you! Thank you! I hope to get to know you better! 🙂

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