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ankle update. | no good news.

Mon 10.4.10 am

I lied. There is some good news. The good news is that my lack of range of motion may be due to the swelling and it may get better simply when the swelling goes down!  I sure hope so!

I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic specialist today.  After 6.5 weeks.

He couldn’t rule out surgery. 🙁 But said we’ll have to wait a while to keep watching it and how it heals, or doesn’t heal!

He wants to put me on rounds of meds – steroids and NSAIDs. I hate meds. I’m hesitant.  We’ll see.  I have some research to do.

Anyone have any experience with oral steroids? He said it’d be about 3 weeks so not too long term. I’m still hesitant.

The doc was great though and was understanding about my being weird and hesitant about meds and surgery.

I am very mad at the doctor though.  He says I have to wear the boot. I hate the boot. The boot is not my friend. The boot sucks.  I. HATE. THE. BOOT.  Ok, now that I’m done complaining, I’ll go put the boot on….

Mon 10.4.10 pm

Continuing w/ my exercises for mobility.  Continuing to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) it.  Still have to stay off it because it looks worse than this photo to the left (which I took this morning after I walked to my office and back with my coffee cup!)  And, hoping to see some healing….soon.

SO I WROTE THAT YESTERDAY…..and, then…..last night….I took my boot off……

O.M.G. When I took my boot off last night my ankle looked like it did weeks ago!  *sigh*

Yesterday, I tried to transition back into my office from sitting with my foot up all day.  Boo. Evidently, even sitting all day long w/ my foot on the ground isn’t possible. Again, *sigh*

I’m a wee but frustrated but this is what I have to deal with right now so….it is what it is.  It could be worse, right?  It can always be worse so no need to dwell on it.  I’m just dwelling on trying to do what I can to get better!

Please excuse my cracked nail polish. I think it’s time to paint my nails 🙂 Everything helps!  I mean, really, isn’t that foot sexy??!!

Lindsay - So I have been on steriods so many times I can’t even count anymore, let me know your questions and I will see if I can shed any insights.

tori - thanks for all the help, girl!

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