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Apple Cider Vinegar

I first read about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on one of my favorite blogs.  Stacey is brilliant for thinking of testing her blood sugar and actually confirming the claims of ACV!!! I may steal her idea to test other foods and blood sugar. Read her post here:  Muscle and the City

I promised that after the show I would start sharing with you things I am eating and doing to stay in shape and healthy and here is the first one!  I take a Tablespoon of ACV before breakfast, lunch and dinner, so three times a day.  I add a bit of lemon juice (Again, thanks to Stacey of Muscle and the City for that recommendation) and a little water.  It gets easier every time!  Many people add it to their salad dressing, veggies, popcorn, and other foods or drinks.

BENEFITS: So, why do I take it? There are many supposed health benefits, but the main one, the reason I take it and the most studied reason is to lower or regulate blood sugar levels. Make sure to read the original blog post I linked above by Muscle and the City.  She shows her research and the results of her experiment.  Studies, like hers and others, have shown that ACV lowers glucose levels and increases the feeling of being full, while suppressing the appetite, assisting in weight loss. Some say that it is a natural fat burner and assists the body in burning fat rather than storing it, but this has not yet been proven.  Other benefits, supposedly include, lowering cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure, lowering risk of heart disease, and helping to lower cancer risk by killing cancer cells. Other health claim include supporting a healthy immune system, controlling weight (as aforementioned), promoting digestion and ph balance, soothing dry throat, removing body sludge toxins, maintaining healthy skin, relieving muscle pain from exercise, relieving arthritic stiffness, and treating acne, dandruff and sunburns.

RISKS: ACV is acidic and should be diluted with water or juice before swallowing.  It can damage tooth enamel and the tissues of the throat and mouth if taken without diluting.  It can burn the skin (due to being acidic), lower potassium levels and bone density.  It could interact with diuretics, laxatives, and medications for diabetes and heart disease. It also does the same thing as many diabetes and high blood pressure medications, adding to their effects which could cause problems, so check with your doctor!

Also, be careful taking the supplement in pill form because you don’t always know what you are getting.  Instead, if you take the organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized variety, you can be sure to get exactly what the bottle says.  I use the brand that shows in the picture and I get it at my local health food store.

**Added after original post due to Lindsey’s comment below** Also, the unpasteurized variety includes “the mother” which is the most nutritious and beneficial part of the ACV.  If you pasteurize ACV (which is out there so be careful to get the right kind), you eliminate “the mother.”  Bragg recommends shaking the bottle before serving to distribute “the mother.”  **Thanks LinZ for bringing that to my attention to add**

I don’t think I should have to say this but will – this is not a quick fix remedy. If you drink 1 Tablespoon (or teaspoon….I’ve read both) before your meals 3 times a day but are eating CRAP at every meal, you will not lose weight. This may help though to slow down the digestion and lower your blood sugar while eating good carbohydrates at your meals and during a rare cheat meal, like pizza, it may help to lower the effects of your blood sugar spike from that food and/or help you to feel more satisfied and eat less. Again, this is not a magic pill/drink. There isn’t one!

How do I drink it?  To get used to it, I started w/  1 T ACV + 1 T lemon juice + 4 oz water.  I now only need 1 T ACV + 2 oz water maybe….just enough water to make sure the ACV doesn’t burn.

If you’re thinking about trying this, talk to your doctor and ask what he/she thinks before trying it, especially if you have any medical problems, such as diabetes.  I have read that it is safe during pregnancy but anything that you take during pregnancy should be discussed with your doctor!  Do your own research and decide on your own!


April - I LOVE ACV!!!! I use to do shots when I first started with Tony. Now I put about 1/4 a cup of ACV/LJ in my 32 oz water jug with some stevia. It’s SO good and easy to drink this way 🙂

I know it has to work since my trainer recommends it 🙂 Now Stacey has proved it!

Lindsey - My understanding is that to have all those health benefits, the ACV should contain “The Mother”, a kind of foamy-looking stuff on the surface…did you find this in your research, Tori?

Stacey - Great post! And yes organic vinegar with “the mother” is key. Braggs is the best 🙂

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