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Are your friends making you fat? DIETTRIBE

So, I was watching DietTribe the other day. I tend to tivo weight loss, health and nutrition shows and see if they are any good. This one was about these 5 friends who were all losing weight together and were so glad they were supporting each other through this. It was a great positive message but also got me thinking about what they were like as freinds before and how often does this happen to people?

I have talked about it a lot on here….what is normalcy? Do we choose to go out with friends for drinks and dinner more often than we choose the right patch becuase we don’t want to be the crazy fitness, nutrition freaks? Or do we choose to surround ourselves with people who “get” us and our interest in fitness and our intensity for nutrition and health?

I have also found that being a thin person in a relationship with someone heavier can sometimes be a bad thing for the skinnier person. There are studies and I don’t know them well enough to site them. I did see on Oprah that if your three best friends are overweight there is a 50% better chance you will also be overweight (I saw this on the Oprah that had Dr. Oz on discussing Longevity.)

I often talk about how I want to surround myself with people who make me want to be better. It’s not that I don’t like heavier people, it’s that I don’t want anyone in my life who weighs me down and nags on me for not being lazy like them. I want people in my life who are better than me or better in different ways and push me to be better.

So, are your friends making you fat? Do you need to cut some of the fat out of your life?

Take a look at some of these before and afters from the show DietTribe I showed above. Keep in mind that the show is only 6 weeks, so not quite as crazy of results as the Biggest Loser….

Robo Family - Tori – I don’t know about your friends making you fat, but I will tell you that Jeff and I after 5.5 years of marriage are *finally* in sync with our desire to become more healty. We joined a gym, we’re watching eachother’s portions and after about a month and a half, Jeff is down 17lbs and I’m down about 5 (still breastfeeding so I have to keep calories up). I’m proud of him for his weight loss (not jealous like I used to be) and we’re doing what we can to support our combined healthy lifestyle. I have a good feeling it’ll stick now.

Tori - There’s nothing better than doing the weight loss or get healthy thing together! And, on the flipside there is nothing worse than trying to eat healthy, chicken and rice, while your husband and kids are eating pizza. It can cause conflict and make it harder to reach your goals, but weight loss and eating right and healthy is a hugely personal decision and is one that has to be made personally within ourselves for the changes to happen.

I know when I started this journey to competition, it took my husband a few weeks to get on board. He was going through the “mental preperatory” stage we all go through when we are “deciding” to do this….deciding that we can and will do this…on Monday. 🙂

It’s easy to help each other and I know for Charlie and I it’s easy for us to say….I really want pizza…me too…let’s get some and talk each other into being lazy and bad. So, we have to really stay strong for the other.

We have a friend styaing with us for a few months and it’s really helped having all three of us on this plan together.

Congrats to you guys, Robo family!!! Keep it up and we are trying to also. Just know we’re trying to do it with you and we’re all in this together!!!

- s h a w n a - - I totally think your friends/partner have an influence on your weight! You are your friends! If your values don't line up, it's not gonna be a great & lasting relationship. Especially eating & working out as a couple…so important you agree!

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