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avoid a wedgie at the gym | Boy shorts!

I saw this question asked in a magazine recently and thought I’d ask all of you….

How do you avoid a wedgie at the gym?!

The question in the magazine was “How do you pick a wedgie discreetly at the gym?” Sorry, ladies, but I’m not so sure it’s possible, especially with all the cameras around at the gym!!!

I thought I’d share my “cheap” wedgie solution with you all. I love Target…and if you don’t have one (we didn’t for a while and it was a tough time!) you can order online with free shipping!!!

So, NO wedgies and NO panty lines!! Yay!!  A little tip…once you start to sweat (and you should be sweating at the gym or you’re wasting your time!!) they’ll “stick” in place so they won’t be riding/rolling up.

These boy shorts are only $5 each (they come in a 2 pack) so you can get a week or two worth and it’s not going to break the bank!!

Compare that to the Underarmour brand that are $19.99 each!!! Ouch!!!

I’m always looking for cheap workout clothes because I want at LEAST a week’s worth! And, when you ramp up your workouts for those times you’re trying to bust through a plateau you may need enough for 8-10 workouts in a week!!! This = a LOT of workout clothes for me!

Click on the pics to go right to the page to buy some!

If you hate the boy short or aren’t sure…Target has others that will work!!! They have some seamless thongs that are awesome!! Comfy and soft!!

What’s your wedgie solution? Or are you an offender?! Admit it!

Meghan - My fave are the breathable thongs from Victoria’s secret, they’re a lightweight moisture wicking cotton/lycra blend, and I LOVE them, I do a lot of Pilates and boyshorts under yoga pants (which are my go to pants for weights and spin too) just doesn’t work.

tori - Those sound awesome!!! I’ll have to check those out! I still have a VS giftcard unused.

Michelle O - Hey Tori! Thanks for stopping my my blog and leaving some love! I’m completely inspired by your blog…and I think I may have to pick up a pair of your wedgie solution! 😉 Have a great holiday!

Alisa Fleming - Oh my goodness, I have the worst wedgie-butt ever! Boy shorts are actually even worse on me. The only thing that works is shorts/tights with liner. Otherwise, wedgie-city! I seriously don’t get it.

Your blog is lovely by the way!

tori - @Michelle O – thanks and you too!!!
@Alisa – nice tip!!! Thanks for the sweet words!

Lindsay - So Victoria Secret has new Yoga underwear, they work pretty good but they are pretty tight I went up a size so I could breathe. 🙂

tori - @Lindsay – hahaha! Nice tip!!!

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