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broken ankle | slow down sister

We were supposed to be at the Europa for FIThubby to compete in the huge Grapplers Quest, but there was a change of plans. He was warming up and a few minutes away from starting his match when I stood on a chair to set up my shot and…well…this chair turned out to be a folding chair!!!!  &%$#@!!!  So, my FIThubby broke my fall and made sure I didn’t fall backward and hit my head, but I still landed on my ankle, sideways. I sat down and took a few deep breaths.  I said “I think I really hurt my ankle” to my hubby.  He said, “Ok, let me take a look.”  He thought he’d see a little black and blue and say, “ok, it’s sprained, let’s walk it off.”  Instead he saw that it was immediate two times it’s size. He is a wrestling coach and an athlete and has seen a lot of injuries. He thought it was broken, for sure.

So, when I saw the look on his face and I saw my ankle….I turned white. I thought I was going to puke and pass out.  I got all clammy. Not fun!  (Can we say, embarrassing too. We were in the Dallas Convention Center with people everywhere!)  So, then my hubby is more worried thinking I’m in shock or something. So, the medics came over and said they thought it was broken.  They gave us the directions to get to the hospital and told us we should go straight there. I told my hubby I wanted to just finish it out for my hubby I just couldn’t walk anywhere or take pics. My hubby was adamant that his mindset was already broken. There was no way he could compete with me hurt in the “stands” and he wanted to get me to the hospital immediately. I argued w/ the medic about possibly just driving me straight home and going to the doctor at home.  She said to go on to the doctor now. So, my hubby followed their instructions.

Let’s just say that we saw some very interesting things at the Baylor Medical Center in Dallas!  The doctors, nurses and techs were wonderful!  They said that they couldn’t see a fracture through all the swelling so that they didn’t know for sure.  They gave me a walking boot anyway and gave me the same treatment instructions. They said I can go back for another xray or MRI in a week if I want to get a definitive answer.  But, for now, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and a really great hubby nurse. I can’t put my weight on it so I’m using my crutches and never thought about how hard it is to use crutches and carry something. It’s pitiful!  It doesn’t hurt too bad til I stand up the blood rushes to it. OUCH!

So, I ruined my hubby’s day and he was really sweet about it. I have to take a few weeks off working out – let’s hope not much longer. I have to stay in bed (kinda nice, I guess if I choose to look at it that way).  I’m having to watch my diet really close now that I cannot work out.  And, I’m trying not to be too demanding of a patient for my hubby.

Thanks for your support!  You are all so sweet!  I can’t wait to be heeled. It’s hard for me (and every woman, I think) to rely on others for help.

I’m working on a few posts for next week!  What fun!

Chelle - Oh you poor thing! Rest up girl, and fingers crossed its just a REALLY bad sprain =)

tori - I heard it can be quicker to heal a fracture!! I don’t care what it is as long as it heals up well and quickly!!! thanks girl!

Audra - oh, i feel your pain. i fractured my ankle two weeks before neely was born. i was so excited when it was finally time to pitch that boot in the TRASH! i hope it heals quickly!

anne - Sending quick healing thoughts your way!! (And some magazines are on their way soon too!)

Prencie - Hello Tori! Thank you for visiting my blog:) If you’re talking about the french wire basket I got that at an antique store if your talking about the chicken wire basket I got that at TJ Maxx:) Hope that helps!:)

Renee Booe - So sorry that this happened to you girl. Take the time to really recover my friend

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