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MUST HAVE: Vision Board

I got the idea to blog about my vision board from Girl With No Name on her blog. Great idea!!! Thanks! I put together myREAD MORE

Nike Butt ads –

I love this series of ads that came out in 2005, I think. When I found them there were women who commented about howREAD MORE

recipe | The Official Abs Diet Burger

The recipe can be found here. or order the book!  My husband and I love these burgers…LOVE LOVE LOVE! The AbsREAD MORE

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Many of us are drinking a gallon or more of water a day and we need to take our water with us on the road out for theREAD MORE

How to choose a gym

photo credit There are a few great articles on regarding choosing a gym. Here are a few facts thoughREAD MORE

Anytime Fitness

Well, folks, I joined a new gym. We have worked out on base for years because it’s free and usually it’s theREAD MORE

MUST HAVE: Food Scale & Measuring Cups

If you’re eating healthy and still not losing weight or you’re just not sure how much to be eating&#READ MORE

MUST HAVE: Coolers, Cooler Packs, Tupperware…

Today, I had to go out in the field for the day, so I packed my meals and yes, I ate them cold…true dedicationREAD MORE

body for life fitness nutrition

MUST READ: Body For Life

This was my first book on nutrition, exercise and health and it’s the BEST book on the subjects for those who areREAD MORE

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