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fertility. get lean. maintain | confused? how much of what do i eat?

Calories matter. Calories in, calories out.  Move more, eat less.  BUT, it may matter MORE what we are eating and inREAD MORE

FITori inspiration | be your best

I know I’ve told you before to get 60% or more cocoa when you get dark chocolate to make sure to get all of theREAD MORE

get lean | what do your pants say?

I have spoken before about my history with feeling out of control and struggling with an eating disorder.  I talkedREAD MORE

fertility & caffeine

                        This post, like many of myREAD MORE

water | are you a wise woman?

“Water is the only drink for a wise man”  -Harry David Thoreau What does water do & why is it importantREAD MORE

nutrition | too much protein?

Now, if you have any kidney problems, this post does not pertain to you but if you are an otherwise healthy person…READ MORE

get lean | how many calories are in a pound of fat?

HA! I was tired when I wrote this post and the first time I did the title I called it…”How much does a poundREAD MORE

recipe | whole-grain zucchini apple bread

I served this bread on Saturday night when we had friends over.  It passed the test of The Owens Family Circus.  READ MORE

nutrition | raw vs roasted nuts

How do you choose almond butter? There are so many different varieties. Raw is always better…with everything.  READ MORE

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