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cleaning with cocktails | one part vodka…

[I added the photo above in July 2012]

Fertility & household cleaners

There is evidence that household cleaners are not good for us – not just for fertility but for our overall health in all stages of our lives, but we do not know for sure.  Daily use of many of these products may have effects on fertility, both for women and men.  An Australian study in 1994 showed a 33% increase in inability to conceive and a possible increase in the risk of pregnancy loss of 75%!

Since these products have so many different ingredients, it’s hard to know which ones may be the most dangerous and exactly the effects on us.  Just like it’s best to make your own food so you know what’s in it, it’s best to make your own cleaning products so that you know what’s in them! There are some great, natural cleaning products on the market, but it’s cheaper to make your own! It’s also better for the environment b/c you’re saving on bottles (same one every time, refilled) and you’re keeping chemicals out of our water supply!

Non-smelly vinegar!

For me, I hate hate hate the smell of vinegar, SO when I heard that vodka can clean just as well as vinegar but without the smell….my problem was solved!!!

Benefits of vodka

  • Disinfectant
  • Makes glass and chrome *sparkle*
  • Removes adhesives (works w/ bandaids on skin, too!)
  • Kills mildew and mold
  • Freshens clothing like Febreze
  • Cleans eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Works on grass and vomit stains
  • Doesn’t smell like vinegar 🙂


  • Cheap vodka & water                    Approx 10 cents per ounce (once diluted)
    • + Plastic bottle  $1.99 (one time cost)
  • Clorox Clean-up Cleaner                    Approx 19 cents an ounce
  • Mrs. Meyer’s  Countertop Spray      Approx 31 cents per ounce
  • DON’T CLEAN WITH SMIRNOFF! It’s too expensive! I just didn’t have a bottle of the cheap stuff when I took the pic!

Vodka Cleaning Recipes

  • 1 part vodka + 2 parts water = counter and bathroom cleaner
  • 1 part vodka + 5 parts water = clothes freshening spray
  • Add lemon or lavender oil to add fragrance

shawna - why not just use rubbing alcohol? know any substantial difference?I am guessing that is the cleaning agent? & I am going to experiment with adding essential oils to my vinegar…but i love the smell. 🙂

tracy - ok i never knew that vodka was a cleaner. on second thought, people actually drink this!!! gross. im not a hard alcohol drinker (or a drinker for that matter) and the thought of literally drinking something that could disinfect your house is just toxic! gross. thanks for the tip though…=)

tori - I looked it up a little. I would think that rubbing alcohol would smell worse 🙁 But I am also finding out that since rubbing alcohol has a higher alcohol content it is more flammable (so maybe dilute it more) and it is more toxic when ingested, of course. But, who drinks their cleaning liquids? That’s all I could find! let me know what you find after experimenting w/ essential oils! And, you’re weird for loving the smell of vinegar. Eeeewww!

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