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Cloth Diaper Inserts | Say NO to nighttime leaks!

I have a heavy wetter. [read: wet clothes and sheets in the middle of the night.] And, a large baby. [read: big booty. no jeans. big booty + cloth diapers. definitely no jeans.] BTW, so sad she can’t wear jeans. Even with a disposable, she can’t wear jeans. I try and try again…and still, I can’t get them over her thighs.  These are our challenges with diapers.

We love our cloth diapers [and cloth wipes]. We aren’t giving those up for anything!  So, I started researching different inserts and found some great options!

From left to right [in both pictures]:

  1. FuziBunz Newborn Insert
  2. FuziBunz Regular Insert
  3. Joey Bunz by BabyKicks [Medium]
  4. Thirsties Hemp Doublers [Large]

Below is a photo of the same inserts but showing the thickness. Hopefully you can see that the Joey Bunz [#3] is MUCH thinner than the others. These Joey Bunz come stitched together – two come together, but you can clip the threads and separate.  The photos is of one single that I cut apart from the pair.  So, when they say there are 3 in a pack, there are 3 sets of 2 or 6 singles.

I have a girl who wets through a regular FuzziBunz insert most mornings  within an hour and most definitely two hours. 🙁 So, this is the same for ONE Joey Bunz. I think ONE Joey Bunz single is about the same absorbancy as a FuzziBunz regular insert..maybe a little less  So, if you have a heavy wetter, you can use BOTH the Joey Bunz inserts (as they come, stitched together) and that will gain more absorbancy with about the same thickness as the regular FuzziBunz insert. [We do this many mornings!] But, if your kiddo is a normal wetter, you will probably love [jealous over here] clipping apart the Joey Bunz and enjoying having your baby’s cloth diaper booty looking and feeling a lot slimmer! [Remember to check your adjustments in your diapers b/c you may need to tighten them with the smaller inserts!]

NOTE: To gain maximum absorbancy with the Joey Bunz, I boiled [yes, boiled…like in a pot on your stove] them for 30 minutes! It really worked!  So, I did the same with the Thirsties.

So, what’s the FITbaby nighttime recipe?  What finally solved our soaked by midnight problem?  Extra liners and bumGenius diapers!

  • Around the house, if it doesn’t matter if we change pants a few extra times, we will use one regular FuzziBunz liner or one single Joey Bunz insert in our FuzziBunz pocket one-size diapers.
  • If we are going out & I care about leaks, I’ll double up the Joey Bunz so that she [and her pants] stay dry in her FuzziBunz diapers.
  • At night, we use TWO Thirsties Doublers [most of you will only need one] and a TWO Joey Bunz, or THREE Thirsties [depending on what I have clean] and always in our bumGenius.  For us, this would be too big if we used a regular FB with the two huge Thristies.

I thought you were a FuzziBunz girl???!!! Why’d you switch to Bum Genius??!!  We love FuzziBunz. And, now we love them even more after trying bumGenius….BUT we love the Fuzzi Bunz during the day and WE LOVE BUMGENIUS AT NIGHT!!

Since I need to use so many liners at night, they just won’t fit  in the FuzziBunz. They are too big. I have to readjust them. I can’t get them to fit right. They gap and…ugh! I just gave up! FuzziBunz are meant to be a slimmer fit diaper. And, if you compare the two, you’ll see…the FuzziBunz is much slimmer through the legs and it’s shorter in fit.

Crushed Berries [pink] FuzziBunz on top of Sweet [mint] bumGenius…one size diaper comparison

The bumGenius solved our nighttime problems!  I put these THREE HUGE inserts into this diaper…easily. Yes, easily! It’s a roomy fit and not a struggle. And, they fit well.


If you’re interested in cloth diapering, stay tuned for my next cloth diapering post topic: rice paper liners. They are NOT all created equally! I have a GREAT recommendation for different inserts for different uses! And, yes, still working on my Baby Buy List! Oh brother, that’s a doozy!

Also, if you need some new bumGenius…great deal here at Cotton Babies! [Thanks Nikki T. for the heads up!]


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