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Congrats! You’re going to be grandparents!

So, we ordered this puzzle before we heard the good news that we were NOT going to be having the FIRST grandchild on my side of the family!!  We got the great news that my [only] brother and wife are a few weeks ahead of us….BABY BOOM of 2011!!!

But, we still wanted to wait until Thanksgiving to share the news with my parents….in person [they live 9 hours away.]

As a kid, we always did a puzzle at the holidays so we thought a fun, small, 4×6 puzzle with 20 pieces would be a fun way to tell them. My mom figured it out right away but still finished the puzzle. It was pretty cute!

We have a video but I haven’t received it from my brother yet!

I thought I’d share this idea with you and ask you all…HOW DID YOU TELL THE PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS?

Meghan - When Kale came along Haley was only 7 months old (yep, we really did plan it that way). So she was still pretty little but we knew she had to be included in the telling. We made a onesie for Haley that said “hey Grandma, I’m going to be a big sister!” then had her undress Haley out if her PJs to get her dressed for the day. She nearly left her alone on the changing table.

Daisy - Congratulations! I love this idea, your parents must have been thrilled to find out this way 🙂

tori - Thanks so much Daisy!!!!
Meghan, that made me LOL! Thats awesome!!! I’ll have to get advice from you on spacing kids…did you do any research?

Carrie (Love Healthy Living) - That’s just about the cutest idea I’ve heard for telling your parents you’re having a baby. Congrats! 🙂

Carrie (Love Healthy Living) - That’s just about the cutest idea I’ve heard for telling the parents you’re having a baby. Congrats!

Sara - Oh my gosh. I have the best story for how I told my family. I waited till my Dad, Sister & BIL were visiting – I was about 16 weeks by then. Dad lives in the UK, and Sis & BIL live in China. We took them to a baseball game and after the 6th or 7th inning they do personalized messages on the score board. So we arranged to have the message “Congratulations Michael Babb, You’re going to be a Grandpa!” posted. You can see the video of it here:
It was so awesome! It was the first grandchild for my Dad but for my husbands family this was #9. So we just printed the pictures from telling my family and gave them to his mom the next day. She of course was mad that I waited to tell her so long! But I wanted to tell my sis in person and I didn’t want everyone to know but her.

Audra - My favorite is how we told everyone about Neely. We got Aidan a t-shirt that said “Oops! They did it again. I’m going to be a big brother!” We showed it to my parents on the web cam, John’s in person, and took a photo and made a card to send to everyone else. 🙂

Lisa - What a cool idea! I will steal this for the day that I tell my parents I’m pregnant (so 5-10 years from now??). 🙂

tori - Nothing wrong with that!!! We waited a while and we think we made a great decision!

Christin@purplebirdblog - That puzzle idea is too cute! Congratulations!!!

tori - Thank you!!!!!

Nicole - Oh my gosh, that is TOO cute!!! I love puzzles, personally! 🙂


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