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IMG_1267_2June and July have been crazy so far! Shawna took me on a trip to Germany. The picture to the left is posing with my new Bayer Healthcare bag. I LOVE that bag! So, while in Germany for a week, I worked out twice and the rest of the time enjoyed eating a croissant every two hours and enjoying all of the food I could “take in” while in a foreign country.
When I returned to the US, my husband arrived home and we took more vacation time to spend together. During this time, we painted the house in 100 degree heat and 1 million % Louisiana humidity from sun up to sun down for over a week. Though we lost all of our water weight, by literally sweating enough to cause minor heat exhaustion, we were so engrossed in our project we missed the gym for another week and a half. I am struggling to get back into my routine now that work has begun again, partly because I am dabbling in Crossfit.

DSC05213_2Charlie is totally sold on Crossfit. I am not sure that the Crossfit ladies (see Crossfit lady in the red shirt below) look like that just from Crossfit. I have more research to do to find out. I DO know that Crossfit will help me to become stronger! I still have the goal to pull my 150 pound ass up (to do one pull up). Along those lines, I also want to do one body weight (150 lb) dip and one handstand push up. I am aware that Crossfit will help my strength tremendously, but is it enough of an overall workout (at my current fitness level) to burn enough calories and build enough muscle for my goals in bodyfat and muscle. To put it simply, will I look the way I want to with ONLY Crossfit???

Any suggestions and info, please let me know. I think my plan soon will be to contact some of these Crossfit ladies with bodies that I admire (see above lady in red) and ask them where/how they established their muscle base. My hunch is that many/most of them are prior gymnasts/athletes (unlike me).AromasMBCleanNicole_2

Rachael - Hi, I promise I’m not a lurker, I saw your blog link on Shawna’s Project Percival blog. Anyway, my hubby Kevin is totally sold on Crossfit too and is trying to get me into it. Those women are so ripped it’s ridiculous!

Tori - You’re no lurker! I am working on my blog…slowly but surely. There’s little time in the day for fun stuff anymore!!! Have you tried Crossfit yet?

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