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Don’t do it! | Crash diets are dangerous!

My husband met someone today who told him she was researching juicers to go on a juice fast for 30 days! Yes, thirty whole days with no whole food! And, I’ve heard of so many of them…HCG diet, Grapefruit Diet, etc….there are new ones popping up all the time! It’s amazing! I’m so disappointed that our country spends more money on fad diets and products than on teaching, learning and setting up our nation to be healthy, eat right and exercise properly.

I was SO PROUD of FIThubby for telling this woman, before he left, that this “diet” was a bad idea.  I am not always willing to give people advice if they don’t ask for it. One of my hobbies is to research things and I know a lot about a lot but I never want to be a know-it-all. So, I try not to offer my research unless I’m asked. I’m so proud of FIThubby for telling her not to do it. She probably still will, but he did a good thing today.

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Why will a crash diet make you gain fat, lose health, and be miserable?

  • Crash diets cause you to lose weight…yes. Fat…yes. AND MUSCLE TOO! It’s a really bad thing to lose muscle.  Muscle is important for future health, when you’re older and you start losing muscle mass. But now, it’s important to get the look you want. Muscle burns fat! You need muscle!
  • Crash diets cause you to starve. Any starvation diet causes you to someday rebound off of it. And, you gain it back.  So, what’s the point in being miserable and losing all that weight just to gain it back! Yuck!
  • Crash diets make you feel like crap! You won’t function at your best. Your family, work and friendships will suffer. You will feel weak, fatigued and dizzy at times.
  • Crash diets do not teach you how to learn which exercise plans work for you or plan, prepare and eat real, healthy meals. So, in the long run you haven’t learned how to maintain your weight loss or live a healthy life.
  • MORE SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS! Gallstones, gout, and sudden cardiac death to name a few possible severe effects of low calorie diets!

So, I beg you, if you know someone who is talking about going on a crash diet [fad diet], please tell them the facts from above that will help convince them to STOP! People go on crash diets because they feel desperate and they are ready to change. [I’ve been there! I’ve done them! But never again!] I want to look good when I’m old…not just for 5 minutes while I’m feeling miserable!

If you’re ready to take action, or you know someone who is ready to take action, encourage them to learn how to do it the right way!  For nutrition help. To learn how to lift weights and you MUST lift weights, hire a personal trainer! Hire a nutritionist. Find a friend who wants to do it together. Get your family on board and get the support.

Spend the money. Take the time. Do it right. It’s for your health and your future.


La. - Woohoo! SO TRUE! Go you for trying to keep the peace…I can NEVER keep my mouth shut about health. I TRY not to be pushy but when someone is about to do something super stupid… 😉

tori - No I think you’re right. I think I’m being cowardly to keep the peace. I guess I just know that people probably won’t listen and they’ll do what they want since they believe what they see on infomercials. 🙁 Nice job speaking up!!! I think that’s courageous!

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