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Drumroll Please….(BF results in)

So, I got dunked!  I had my BF measured at the gym and it was a full NINE PERCENT higher than the dunk tank. I was quite upset by those numbers because that extra 9% is around 14 pounds of fat to lose….a BIG DEAL!

Drumroll please… body fat percentage was 20.4% last Saturday morning.

That means to be at 12% BF by May 22, 2010 I will need to lose roughly 14 pounds in 12 weeks, I think…if his calculations are correct.  I’m down another 1.5 pounds as of today so well on my way.

Figure is supposedly 12-15% BF and Bikini is supposedly 15-18% BF so I should make my goal!


I’m still sticking with my diet and workouts 100% and loving it…some moments more than others!  It takes a lot of extra time, but I’m sooo happy not having to worry and think about food.  I trust my new trainer and his plan.  I’m enjoying it and it’s working.

Every morning is like Christmas morning when you’re cutting.  Wonder what will be under…not the Christmas tree, but my shirt, in the morning – abs yet?

Check back for updates!

Krissa Gray - So you were 20% at the gym? And 9% lower with the dunk tank? Am I getting that right?

I am glad you are enjoying your workouts and diet! You have such a positive attitude! I cannot wait to see the final product 🙂

tori - I wasn’t clear…sorry! 29% was what the gym measured me with calipers. How have you been?

Meghan - We have a couple of the AF gyms and health and wellness centers that have Bod Pods for measuring too. But after 2 kids, it’s going to take a lot of courage for me to get in one of those things!

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