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Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Many of us are drinking a gallon or more of water a day and we need to take our water with us on the road out for the day. There has been a lot of controversy lately surrounding plastic water bottles and reusing them. I got a text message yesterday from my BFF, Shawna of styleberrry HOME who mentioned that a neurosurgeon told her yesterday that Nalgene bottles (that are not BPA free) are worse for us than we already know. So, I looked for some info to put on here about how bad they are for us, but then I realized that we are hearing from EVERYWHERE to stop using these plastic water bottles….so let’s stop using them! And, I decided instead to blog about my favorite eco-friendly water bottles and let you comment on your favorites also!

The photo above is my set of SIGG bottles. I love mine. They are aluminum so my water doesn’t taste funny after a while. They have little cleaning tablets that you put in there and let sit with warm water and they clean the bottle out. They also have brushes and things. I think I paid $22 for each of mine so I only bought three and those are my water bottles. I love them. I know you can search for ec0-friendly water bottles and find all sorts. You can read on the SIGG site all about their products.

- s h a w n a - - thank you thank you. his discussion with tommy totally freaked me out! heading out to buy a few to replace our nalgene…even though i am having a hard time parting with them since we’ve carried them daily through college!

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