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emmy awards | muscles are sexy

You all know by now that I love muscles!  I love the physique of a tough, strong, muscular woman.  I have a great respect for women who work hard to stay lean and strong now that I’ve done it!  It’s hard work!

My idea of a strong and healthy physique has changed. I no longer think that 6% body fat is sexy.  BUT, I still think that a muscular physique on a woman is sexy!  What could be better than a woman who is strong and healthy enough to live??  I love that some of these ladies are NOT in their 20’s and they are still strong and sexy!!!  I hope to look as rockin’ as they do as I age!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite muscular physiques from the Emmys on Sunday.  Did I miss any?


Joanne - Wow, those are some nice-looking arms in those pics! Not in love with Julie Bowen’s dress, though. 🙂

tori - Me either – Really dislike Ms. True Blood’s dress on her!

eatmovelove - Interesting blog. Is that you in your header? Wow. I admire the admire of Fitness competitors/figure/body-builders…so strict to me though…
I think Edie Falco looks hot!

tori - That’s me in my header! Thanks! It is strict but I learned a lot from doing it. No plans to do another one…anytime soon. You can read my “Figure Lessons” post – you can find it on my sidebar.

eatmovelove - You look incredible! Thanks for coming to my site – I did respond to your questions there – not sure if you check back or not. There is a box to receive replies if you do come back (I know most people don’t check back LOL!) :).

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear - Muscles really are sexy! amazing women 🙂

Layla - I’m glad you posted this, because I actually saw a lot of blogs/people saying that Claire Danes looked horrible and making fun of her “jutting shoulders” and expressing dissatisfaction with the way that she “bought into the Hollywood look by being skinny and blond and tan” and I was so sad. It’s sad to me that someone wouldn’t look at her and think, wow, she takes care of herself, instead of tearing her apart to make themselves feel better. 🙁

tori - That makes me sad too! I just hope that she is healthy & fit since I’m portraying her to look like she takes care of herself!

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