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Facebook Fairy | right tools for the job

I will post pics of the new kitchen soon. We still have some things left to do and many of them rely on FIThubby having enough time to do them after work, on the weekends and between Masters Papers.  For now, I am loving that my kitchen is functioning.  (Well, the grout isn’t sealed on the backsplash so I’m a little nervous.)

So, I did a poll on my personal Facebook page to ask what knives everyone liked. FIRST PLACE was Wustoff and SECOND PLACE was Cutco in my poll.  Well, the Facebook Fairy appeared last night with a set of Wustoff knives.  The identity of the FACEBOOK FAIRY will never be revealed…you’ll just have to keep guessing, but needless to say I am a VERY HAPPY TORI!!!  🙂

I realized after cooking with my new knives the first time that I was WASTING time with my crappy Sam’s Club set of knives all these years.  Boo!  I had no idea what I was missing, but now I can never go back!  I don’t even know how to use the new ones b/c I’m so used to sawing through my foods…I’ll get used to it!

To go with the knives, I got some new cutting boards to use on the new granite. I got a new set of 4 that are awesome – safe, easy, non-skid, awesome. Read about them here. For veggies, I got this convenient cutting board to rinse and then chop. Find it here.  For my baking, I also got 2 new SILPATS to save on parchment paper. I love them!  I am so excited and I’m saving the environment by not wasting anymore paper!  Excellent!

The cost of the new kitchen tools are equal to the cost of a few weeks of eating out every meal! YOU SAVE ON HEALTH AND MONEY WHEN INVESTING IN COOKING AT HOME!!!

I’m still looking for bowls like these with lids that I can use for food prep, serving and also to store in the fridge when needed. I really like the design of these but they don’t have lids.  For now, I’m using my old school, hand-me-down ceramic mixing bowls.  I went to Bed Bath and Beyond earlier this year to get giant muffin tins and came home with a NARLY set of cookware.  I think I need some other odds and ends, but I’m not quite sure yet…

BTW, the recipe for these cookies is coming later this week…YUMMY!

What are the tools you love the best in the kitchen that you think I might need?

Meghan - When it comes to the kids I could not live without the Pampered Chef Mix and Pour Pitchers (in both sizes), I love them. My kids mostly drink milk and water, so we don’t go through a ton of juice and I like that these have lids that keep the juice covered and I just move the plunger part up and down a couple times to get it all mixed up and the good parts off the bottom before I serve it to them.

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