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Let me be really clear before I say anything else….I DO NOT SUPPORT FAD DIETS!  I am not a doctor either. I recognize that sometimes fad diets are used and prescribed by doctors for severely obese patients because the risks involved in the fad diets are less than those of continuing on obese (i.e. Atkins’ original intent).  But, this blog is not for the severely obese. This blog is one about health and nutrition and treating your body with care…not abusing it.

This diet scares me! HCG is a pregnancy hormone.  It fights fatigue so with this diet you take injections or put drops under your tongue of HCG in order to eat a diet of only 500 calories a day!!!!  This diet has been around since the 50’s but has gained popularity recently, for some reason. I heard about it a few months ago for the first time.

As if that weren’t bad enough, you order this stuff over the internet from skeevy looking places…often from other countries.  Then, if you inject it you must get syringes and you can’t get syringes without a medical need so I know people who have gone to the feed stores (yes for livestock!) to buy syringes in order to inject themselves with a substance they bought off the internet so that when they eat 500 calories a day they feel okay!!!

WHAT??!! Please tell me this sounds crazy to you, too??!!

Eating 500 calories a day will surely make you lose weight but it will be muscle along with fat! And, you’ll put yourself in a starvation mode by losing this weight too quickly. Your body will panic. You may then hit a plateau where even 500 calories will not make your body lose any more weight. You will screw with your metabolism.  Then, once you end this fad diet and try to go back to life as it was, (whatever you were doing that made you gain the weight in the first place) it will be worse and you will ballooon and gain more than you did before you started this crazy FAD DIET.

Just my two cents. I am not a doctor.  Maybe this works for some. I have to say that buying substances from foreign countries to inject with syringes you obtained from a feed store just doesn’t seem right to me. I believe in working with your body rather than against it.  And, believe me, if you work against your body – you’ll know – and your body will “rebel” at some point or another.

SHORT STORY: please don’t.  Please have patience and come up with a great diet and exercise plan to lose the weight the right way so that it stays off and you’re healthier for it in the end.

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Layla - This sounds NUTSO. Worse than the baby food or cookie diet, by far! Wowza!

tori - I haven’t heard of the baby food diet! Gees!

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