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This post, like many of my fertility posts applies to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and to all other girls too.

It’s true that our pre-pregnancy diet effects our pregnancy because we are feeding our body and storing nutrients to feed the baby later during pregnancy.  And, for many women, the first trimester may be hard to eat much in the way of nutrients so it’s important to “stock up” on the good stuff.

Caffeine is an important subject for pre-pregnancy because if you decide you want to remove caffeine from your diet, you should do so slowly to avoid side effects.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding caffeine during pregnancy with no real conclusive evidence, so will you take the chance? It’s a personal choice as is anything you do, eat, drink, etc during pregnancy.  For me, with so much controversy, it’s not worth it to wonder.

We do know:

  • caffeine is a diuretic and your water needs go up during pregnancy so caffeine may not be assisting in staying hydrated
  • some studies show that caffeine in moderation (300 mg a day approx) has no effect on fertility, pregnancy or fetal development, others indicate some risk
  • a study did show that caffeinated soft drinks were linked to infertility (but we don’t drink those anyway, now do we?) :-/
  • we also know it is hard to judge the amount of caffeine per cup of coffee or Starbucks drink so measuring moderation may be harder than counting calories, for example.
  • there was one study that showed a link between caffeine (most likely a great deal of it) and miscarriage

I just can’t see any reason for it, so I  have cut out all caffeine after my morning coffee and that morning coffee is now half regular and half Organic Decaf.  Why decaf?  Sometimes there are more chemicals used in decaffeinating coffee than in the caffeinated coffee itself!  So, I’m sure organic isn’t perfect but it has to be a little better, right?  I just love my morning coffee ritual and don’t want to give it up altogether…just yet!

shawna - i love that mug! & i agree…just not worth it. i drank decaf but as you probably remember, i had a huge aversion to coffee (ME THE COFFEE LOVER) for most of my pregnancy. i think your body just tells you what you should feed it. & another thing to think about is nursing…it’s good to be off caffeine during pregnancy so you aren’t used to it for after you deliver because the last thing you need is a wired baby!

Jennifer - I agree, it is not worth it at all! I had a friend who used to actually count how much caffeine she took in daily. To me I would rather play it safe than sorry!

tori - @shawna – i love the mug also! considering getting more but they’re too girlie and i have to keep some more masculine versions around.
@jennifer – i love the way you think!

Audra - I cut caffeine out completely while pregnant with Aidan, and I did the half-caf thing while pregnant with Neely. It may or may not have anything to do with the caffeine, but she was a lot smaller. I just couldn’t keep up with Aidan without it. :/

tori - Audra – that’s a good thought!!! I’ll keep that in mind.

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