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No surprise here….TRANS FATS ARE BAD!  Basically what I’m coming up with in ALL of my nutrition research is EAT REAL FOOD.  Trans fat is NOT real food!  The effects of trans fats are not all known, but we do know….

  • Trans fats are not real food!  Eat real food!
  • Trans fats = greater chance of ovulatory infertility
  • 4g / day of trans fats showed effects on fertility (BTW, 4g = one donut, 2T stick margarine or 1 med order of french fries!)
  • Trans fats make the body more resilient to insulin (higher blood sugar + insulin = reduced fertility)
  • Trans fats increase inflammation in the body which interferes w/ ovulation, conception and early embryonic development (BTW, it also assists in creating a great environment for disease…inflammation in the body = bad)

Read labels because 0 Trans Fats can mean that there are .49g of trans fats per serving and if you eat 2 servings, you’re essentially getting 2g of trans fats!  When reading labels and eating out, look for trans fats here….

  • partially hydrogenated soybean oil
  • hard margarine
  • commercially baked goods, cookies, crackers, donuts (pancake mixes, popcorn, granola, protein bars, etc)
  • fast foods
  • restaurant fried foods
  • baking with shortening or hard margarine

There are a few companies that are finally getting on the bandwagon with cutting out trans fats. I’d like to give them a shout out! Let me know if you know of more!

  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Some Frito Lay products
  • Trans Fat Free Crisco & Oreos

**Please remember that FATS are good, but TRANS FATS are bad! Make sure you are eating good fats, such as nuts, nut butters, olive oil, avocado, etc!**


The Fertility Diet by Jorge Chavarro, Walter Willett, and Patrick Skerrett, Fertility Foods by Jeremy Groll and Lorie Groll

shawna - Awesome. 🙂 MMMmm. Avocados.

Cliff - Great! I think your math is a little off but really awesome. Fats are really good for you… in moderation (0.5 X 2 = 1). Which brings us back to the full fat dairy topic… the forms of cholesterol in these foods can be converted to the appropriate hormones in the body required not only to be fertile but to maintain the pregnancy. I had a nutrition prof once tell me that morning sickness, although dreaded, is a great sign that your hormones are changing properly to maintain the pregnancy… this change is a must.

Cliff - Ooops… the equation is in a sentence too late. sorry.

tori - Thanks! I meant 4 servings = 2g of trans fat at .49g each serving! I changed it! Thanks dude!
I need to ask you some questions about saturated fats since I’m the current “research” I’m doing is saying that some saturated fats are necessary w/ both mono- and poly- but other places say that all saturated fats are bad. Thoughts, Cliff?

Cliff - Everything in moderation. Saturated fats are so ubiquitously found in our foods that even an attempt to completely remove them from your diet would result in probably receiving a good dose of them. The American Dietetic Association (the people who are all registered dietitians and make the food pyramids with the USDA) recommend that of your 30% daily fat intake that it is split into three: 10% Saturated, 10% Poly, 10% Mono. People do play with these ratio and since everybody reacts differently to chemicals a ratio of 5:12.5:12.5 may be more optimal for your body while for me it ma be 10:7.5:12.5. Since American diets are so rich in animal products it is best to probably limit the saturated fats because by doing so you will meet your requirement.

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