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I wanted to take a minute to clarify what I’m doing here with my fertility series.

I am sharing with you what I have found in my MANY HOURS of reading on nutrition.

I am telling you that I research all things nutrition and that it is my passion, including fertility, pregnancy and nursing.

I am telling you what I have found and a great deal of that is contradictory or unproven.

I am telling you to make your own decisions about what you will eat and feed your families!

I subscribe to the notion that it’s better to be aware than not.

I soak up as much information as I can, from every source I can.

I then take that information and I decide what I will believe and do with that information.

That’s how I live my life!  All of my hours of gathering information I feel may be useful to others, so I am sharing.

Some things I read may not have been proven yet, but if it makes sense to me, I’m passing it along to you.

When there were indicators that smoking was bad, should we have waited to find out for sure, with years of conclusive research before we quit? No!  I think and hope that we are just scratching the surface of a similar situation with our “industrial foods” and hope that through years of studies and research some of these “theories” will be proven.

I believe that the readers of my blog are smart and capable of making decisions on their own. I do not judge you for the decisions you make. I am human and I am not perfect.  But, I believe in making as many good decisions as I can.  I have read many things that alarm me about the foods that we eat without question in this country and  I want to pass along these things to you.  I think we are better for knowing, regardless of what we do with that information.

If there is one time in our lives that we should pay close attention to what we put in our bodies it is when our bodies are no longer our own!

For me, the thought of pregnancy creates an intense feeling in me that my food choices are MUCH more important than when they were just to make me skinny, like in my college years.

Now I have to think about feeding my body to be fertile and do what God intended, and to sustain and grow the healthiest baby possible and then to nurse him/her and later to lead by example and give him/her the tools to be healthy in his/her later life!

Please share your research with me.  We are all better for sharing our experiences and our knowledge with each other.  Knowledge is power!

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