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FIThubby | grocery part 1

I say part 1 b/c I am positive that if I continue to blog about my hubby’s trips to the grocery store, there will be many more parts. Here’s how it goes…

Honey, will you run to the store and get eggs?

Sure babe.

Then, he comes home after spending $125 (minimum).


So, last Saturday night we were having friends over and due to our busy day and our busy lives we thought of food at the last minute.  I made the WG Zucchini Apple Bread but thought maybe we should have some crackers and cheese or something. I send my FIThubby to the grocery store for laughing cow cheese and Kashi crackers.

He buys EVERY kind of Laughing Cow cheese they have at the store……

He’s sweet.  He gets an A for effort and an F for frugality.

We sent home 2 weeks worth of cheese with our guests!!!


sandi - haha…love it! we’re the opposite here. he sends me to get one thing and i come home with everything!

tori - Gotta love him….it’s like bringing a kid to the store w/ him. He’s sweet. He was just trying to do the right thing!

Anne - Mmm, cow cheese & Triscuits is my fave!!

joy - Ah, the hubby at the grocery store. I really admire his zeal. Kevin would never do such a thing. He would pick up whatever is on sale and looks like it could be what I asked for. Kevin gets and A for frugality and they have to get points just for going to the store, right?
Can’t wait to hear about part 2.

Audra - I’m pretty sure it’s going to be around for longer than 2 weeks… 😉

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