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FITmommy & FITbaby | mom was there…i swear!

There were a few moments over this past year that I’ve left saying “she’ll have no proof I was there” because I didn’t make sure I got a photo with me in it!

On the flipside, I am trying to enjoy moments and not be obsessed about documenting everything. I don’t take my fancy camera everywhere. I recognize that a photo with my iPhone will document moments I want to remember but that my fancy camera is for moments I want to turn into canvas! I do a really great job of focusing on the moment and not pointing my camera in my kid’s face all day every day. BUT, I look back sometimes and wish I was in a few more photos.

Anyway, my hubby does a great job of grabbing my fancy camera from me and trying to get pics of me with my kiddo.  And, for that, I’m so thankful. He snapped these pics last week and I cherish them all! And, I know I [and FITbaby] will cherish them more and more with every day that passes.

We also had a few family photos taken that [to me] turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to share….but one thing at a time!

I’m still editing FITbaby First Birthday Photos! I have a details post coming on her party including invites, thank you’s, smash cake, cake toppers, etc.  I also have super fun thank you cards that I sent out with a smash cake pic that I need to share…but first I have to mail the thank you cards 😉

How are you remembering to get yourself in photos????
Have you done a Project 12 in 2012? Do your kids help you with this? Did you get a remote or tripod for your camera?


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