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Start the New Year off right with a Fitness and Nutrition Journal.  Writing down what you eat increases your chances of reaching your fat loss goals.  Planning your workouts ahead increases your chances of going to the gym.  Writing down what you’ve done is great fun when looking back so you can see how far you’ve come… about a confidence builder.  I still have all of my workout journals all the way back to when I started lifting in 2005!  It’s so nice to look back when I’m feeling crappy.  It helps me realize that even if I feel like I haven’t made any changes in all these years, I have….both internally and externally. I am stronger. I am fitter. My body composition has changed.

I found a great book the other day and plan to use it when I’m done with my competition.  It gives a great reminder of all the nutrients needed in the day, including water.  I love the way it’s laid out. It’s very user friendly. There is plenty of room for everything.  It has plan pages in the beginning.  It also has weekly plans for the first 12 weeks.  There are cool demos on their site so you can see all of the pages……

Here’s a few sample pages….

Like I said, I plan to try out that book after I finish with my upcoming comp, but for years I have found different spiral-bound notebooks and planners that have worked for me.  Currently I’m really digging the Mead First Class series Academic Planner.  It has plenty of room under each day for me to write down all that I eat. It’s laid out perfectly for me to write down each meal, the time, the exact meal (on plan or off). I can add in there details about when I worked out or what I did. There would be room for exercise/weights etc but I have that elsewhere on my current plan.  It’s just perfect for me and might work for you….

Here is a sample of one of my pages. You can see that I mark my meals out on each line – M1 through M6 in the day.  Then I put the time I eat each meal. Then, since I am on a plan, I write down OP for on plan or I’ll write next to it what I deviated if at all.  I also keep track of my Water and Diet drink intake.  Looks like I weighed one morning and wrote that down….woohoo for maintaining at around 6 lbs lighter than that! 🙂  I was also taking my temp for my trainer at the time. So, as you can see I can write down a lot of things during the day!  I keep it on my kitchen counter when I’m home and in my briefcase when I’m out for work.

There are many other options out there. Some are online. Some you can print the pages and put them in a book yourself. I used one that I found in Oxygen Magazine for a while. Another I found at GNC.  I’ve made a few myself.

The point is….find something that works for you and start it tomorrow….start it tonight!  Put an inspiring picture on the front or the inside cover to remind yourself why you’re working so hard to reach your goal.

If you have something similar, please share what works for you!

ashley - love this post! i just started using my new iPod to record this as i was never good about writing it out by hand. so far, so good! 🙂

tori - Nice! I tried that on my iPhone for a while but I was bad about keeping it up on there. I am better about writing it down. Thanks for the reminder to go write down my breakfast!!! 🙂

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