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FITori Answers | All About CrossFit!!!

Hi Tori,

Wondering if FITbaby arrived yet… if not, I have a question for you since you’re the most hard core athlete I’m aware of.  Do you know much about CrossFit?  I went to a community WOD today, and it was pretty darn amazing.  I’m considering starting to go to the CrossFit gym, but it’s quite expensive.  The people who go really seem to love it and think it’s worth every penny.  I even have a friend who gave up cable to afford CrossFit.  What are your thoughts?

I’m seriously thinking CrossFit might be the BEST possible way for me to kick things up and really start taking my body more seriously.  I’ve lost 100 pounds through basic diet and exercise changes but seem to have some trouble lately really moving forward more… and that’s precisely what I need to do.

Yesterday’s workout was extremely difficult but left me feeling exhilarated and amazed at what I could do if I just keep going.

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations

Michele blogged about her CrossFit experience here.  She has the best attitude about working out, working hard and life in general. I LOVE IT!!!!  We can all learn from her if we remember her words below!!!  Michele’s parting words on that post were……

My motto for the day was this: ”Though I can’t do everything, I can do everything I can.” And that’s a pretty good approach to life too.  We just can’t let fear hold us back…not from confronting physical, emotional, or intellectual obstacles.  —-Michele @ Healthy Cultivations

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SHORT ANSWER…..We love CrossFit! We are building a CrossFit gym in our new house! (I will be sure to tell you all about the equipment we get, from where, what you need and how to build your own CrossFit gym at the lowest cost…once we do it and I have some pics to share!) Check out Rogue Fitness if you’re building your own CrossFit gym before I get a chance to post on it!  We’re getting most [if not all] of our equipment from Rogue.

I have often said that I do not plan to compete in another physique competition, BUT I do believe in competitions to give people the drive to push through to their goals. I am not a runner. It doesn’t excite me. BUT FUNCTIONAL FITNESS totally does!!! I have often said the next competition you will see me enter will be a CrossFit Games. And, my FIThubby and I have talked about getting certified in CrossFIT as well.

April 14 2010 – FITori in the gym

What is CrossFit? Read about it here on!!

I love CrossFit because it incorporates strength, endurance and flexibility. It is fun! It is exciting! It’s highly intense! It’s quick also! It’s straight and to the point! You go, work out hard, and you’re done. You rest. You work. You play. It’s fun. It’s not the same every day. Some days are really tough. Other days are easy. And your easy days may be my hard days, depending on our individual strengths and weaknesses but we do all the workouts!

Aren’t CrossFit workouts too hard for a beginner? Read Michele’s parting words on her blog post here [I pasted them above with her question.]  Do what you can! I believe this about programs like P90x also. People often say….”I can’t do P90x!” Well, neither can I then. I can’t do the hardest verions of all the exercises in P90x either!  Does that mean I shouldn’t even try??? NO!!! As with every workout….Do what you can. Do the best you can. Try the best you can. Work out the hardest you can.  And, next time…’ll get stronger and be able to do more!!! If you keep it up, you will get stronger!

Do I need to pay to join a CrossFit gym? It depends….on YOU! Some of our best friends own Cactus Crossfit in North Scottsdale.  [If you’re in that area, check out Kevin’s wife, Joy here at Scottsdale Mom’s Blog.]  So, I totally believe in a GROUP fitness experience to push you to work harder. I work harder when someone else is there to watch and make sure I don’t give up. Also, a CrossFit gym can teach you technique and help you learn a LOT about fitness.  For example, you want to learn how to do a pullup? They can help! Many of us need others to motivate us. Others work well on their own. It just depends on you. If you know you will only get a GREAT workout if you GO to the CrossFit gym….do it! Join it! Pay it! Go! If you can build your own CrossFit gym in your garage or basement and invite friends over to join you or are motivated enough to CRANK up the music and do it yourself…do it! [Be sure you’ll use it before you invest!]

**I personally believe that there are certain areas where it is WORTH your hard-earned money. In our house, we spend money without question on health, fitness, nutrition and education.** We believe that those things are worth the money. We spent a TON on my competition. We decided it was worth the money for my health and the long-term lessons I would learn. We were right. It was worth every penny. For the new house we’re building, we talked about adding a theater room or a gym…we could only choose one. To us, this decision was simple….we can build a room to make us fatter and lazier [no offense to those who have a theater room…we love movies, but we had to choose only one!!] OR we could build a room to make us healthier, fitter and happier and  show our daughter what our family truly values. And, how much fun is this for her?! CrossFit incorporates a lot of gymnastics so we’re going to add those elements for her to have some gymnastics equipment in her house! What fun on rainy days!! 🙂  So, does that same principle translate for you regarding canceling cable for CrossFit??!!

Beware if you try to CrossFit at your regular gym…..Many gyms are NOT supportive of CrossFit.  Think of the regular weight room. People wandering around. Chit-chatting. Easy listening music on in the background. If this is your gym, they will NOT be kind when you are running around the gym like a crazy person, trying to keep your intensity UP to get a GREAT workout! And, YOU won’t get as much out of your workouts because you’ll be self conscious about being weird. Some gyms have even banned it. Others have special CrossFit facilities and rooms to keep you crazy CrossFitters away from their calmer clientele! You have to decide what will work for you!!! But I believe CrossFit is worth a try! We love it!

But I’m pregnant….I’ll have to wait until after pregnancy…NO!! CrossFit MOM is amazing!!!!!  Check it out!!! I have to admit that I have not worked out NEARLY as much as I should have during this pregnancy. I was working two jobs and preparing for our future. This is the biggest year of our lives [I’ll share more about this later.] But, when I did workout with FIThubby and on my own I most often used CrossFit MOM for my workouts! It is a modified version of the CrossFit workout and there are different levels and tips for each stage of pregnancy.  CHECK IT OUT! I’ll probably start there when I start lifting postpartum and work my way back up to regular CrossFit….we’ll see how I feel!

For Michele, I definitely think CrossFit is a GREAT way to kick it up a notch! You’ll have fun. It’ll keep you motivated. You’ll learn a LOT about your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll get stronger in many areas. You’ll be learning something new which will help distract from the menotony that often creeps up after months of the same old boring workout. If you like the group you worked out with at the CrossFit gym and you felt amped and pumped and excited after your workout…..I think you have your answer!!! Try it for a while!!! CrossFitters are often really supportive of each other. And, there are TONS of resources to help you learn how to be stronger and better at those exercises which will leave you feeling even more self confident!! And, Michele, you MUST report back!!!! I want to hear all about what you decided, why and how you feel about it!!!! I’m so excited for you to reach your next goals!!!!

So, what do you think about CrossFit? Have you tried it? Is it work the $$ to join a CrossFit gym?

Kevin - Hey Tori!

That is a lot of exclamation points! Congratulations to Michele for going to the community WOD, I hear from SO MANY who are too scared to try it!

Thanks for the kind words, Tori! I agree with everything you said! I hope we get the chance to join you in your garage gym for a wod one day!

I love the community/team aspect and the social aspect. I find CrossFit both MORE social and harder than my old workouts in the conventional gym.

It’s where people who ware dedicated to fitness congregate.


tori - What a compliment….you agree w/ everything i said??!! **blushing** That’s awesome!!! You’ll have to talk to the hubby about the gym! He’s so excited and he’s doing CrossFit every morning right now and LOVING it! We’re so excited about the new gym and I can’t wait to get my body back!! 🙂 Soooo excited!!!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - I KNEW I liked your attitude!!!!! Now, I know it for sure!! Seriously, I left that wod so pumped and excited. I thought, “Now, THIS is what getting fit is all about!” I had no idea you were so into CrossFit. I read somewhere recently that there are lots of ways to get fit but only one real way to get CrossFit.

After the first four weeks when I’ll go three times per week, I might have to cut back to twice weekly. But we’ll see. I’ll definitely keep you posted. I need to do some Progress Photos like every two to three weeks or something.

It seems to me that the intensity of CrossFit might not be for everyone, but I think it’s probably great both mentally and physically. The intensity forces you to be in the moment — kind of like moving meditation that turns you into a bad-ass fit chick!

Glad for your awesome endorsement, and I’ll keep you posted. I definitely think it’s worth the money — even if you have to cut somewhere else to do it. I’m working on trying to pay some debts off and can’t justify taking the debt money to pay for a second gym. But I can certainly cut the cable to make up most of the cost — I can watch network shows online if I really want to. Investing in health and education is always money well-spent. If we don’t take care of our health, then none of our other accomplishments in life really matter.

I feel like I’ve finally found the path I’ve been seeking. THANK YOU for your thoughts!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - One more thing —- I’m also thinking I may need to reconsider this vegetarian thing I’ve been doing for the past three years. For me, it was always about health and not about a severe ethical commitment to the animals — not that I approve of animal mistreatment. I just felt like plant protein sources were healthier, kinder — like a win win situation. I do eat salmon twice per week and Greek yogurt once every day, but the rest of my protein is from beans and grains. I think my body is going to need higher quality protein to support muscle development. Time to get researching.

Tracy - im on my 5th week of crossfit and i am in love. it started with my supervisor and another coworker inviting me to work out and it turned into something i cant finish my week w/o doing. ive been going twice a week and ive lost 7 lbs and 3 sizes. ive lost far more inches than pounds and wish i would have taken my measurements when i first started. anyhow, i love everything about it and its worth every penny!

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