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FITori Answers | Foods guaranteed to lose belly fat!

Hey Tori, I have a random question for you. The internet is full of phony stories of foods and exercises that are “guaranteed” to help you lost weight and aid you while you try to get back into shape. I just stumbled upon two completely contradictory articles. Do you know which is true? One stated that the 3 foods guaranteed to help lose belly fat is grapefruit, green tea, and egg whites. The other stated that 3 healthy foods that DON’T help you lose belly fat are… you guessed it… grapefruit, green tea, and egg whites. Which is it?! – Heather

I decided to google some of these keywords to see what I could find on the internet. Here is an article that talks about “Fat Burning Foods” including grapefruit, green tea & egg whites.  Other foods listed on that article are: beans, lean protein, fish, hot peppers, garlic & onion, apple cider vinegar, ginger, bananas, cabbage, eggs, whole grains, olive oil, oatmeal, avocado, berries, parsley, cruciferous vegetables & water.  This is just one article of thousands when you google similar phrases!  Heather said she read an article that said that those three foods (grapefruit, green tea & egg whites) do NOT help you lose belly fat.

The answer? Kinda. Neither. Both. Well sorta. Maybe. It depends.

Sorry! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it’s complicated! If it were easy, everyone would look JUST they way they want. (We wouldn’t all look the same b/c we don’t all want to look the same.) We’d all have the physique we want if it were easy!  There are soooooooo many factors involved in losing belly fat. Among them, your heredity, your activity (what kind, how much, at what time), your diet (foods, food combinations, food timing, quantities, quality), your stress levels, amount of sleep, your health and hormones….must I go on?  I know that’s the worst answer ever, but it’s so true!

So, they don’t burn fat? Well, not really. You can’t just add grapefruit, green tea or egg whites into your normal diet and life and expect them to work miracles. There are no miracle foods. If there was a miracle drug or food, everyone would do it! Also, a diet including only Grapefruit, like “The Grapefruit Diet” is bad, bad, bad for you! You need more variety than that, including proteins and fats. You need a balance of carbs, fats & proteins.

The key to burning fat is to turn your body into a fatburner, so get into the “fat burning zone!” How do I do that? Again, it’s a combination of your activity (what kind, how much, at what time), your diet (foods, combinations, timing, quantities, quality), your stress levels, amount of sleep, etc.  It’s a science and it takes time to find this zone.  That is why trainers who have studied this are so valuable! That is why I’m certified in “Nutrition & Wellness”….there are SO many factors that play in…not just diet, or one food, or exercise.

You can try reading books and learning about it all yourself. And you can do it!!! I know you can!!! You have to be really in tune to your body! You have to pay really close attention to how you feel, what works, exactly what you’re doing and it really helps to have someone trained to help!  You will need to keep a journal, including EVERYTHING you’re doing & eating, sleeping, stress, exercises, intensities, how you’re feeling, etc. AND you then have to record how your body is responding!

Should I eat grapefruit, green tea & egg white?

  • Grapefruit is an excellent fatburner. But, it’s also sugar. I ate half a grapefruit before every workout with one trainer. There is no other fruit like it. It’s a great fruit to eat if you want a fruit. Any food or fruit in excess is bad, so again…half and not right before bed, for example, but instead right before or after a workout!
  • Green tea is great. It boost metabolism. It should be no calorie.  Beware of high calorie, sugary drinks that are marketed as “health” drinks but are actually, essentially… soda. They will NOT help you lose weight! Hot herbal tea is a fantastic addition to any diet. It’s no calorie. It’s warm. It’s cozy. It’s happy. It’s fun. It’s tasty. [I think I’ll go make some peppermint tea now.] It can soothe many aches and pains without meds….tummy aches, sleeping problems, etc.
  • Egg whites are great!  They are lean protein, which IS important to lose weight! But, you can’t just add that in and expect it to make a change! It has to be in combination with other foods, the right foods, at the right times, etc.  Take a look at the best FIT posts on the LEFT of this page about protein, carbs, & veggies to name a few.

So, did I answer the question or confuse you more?

Any other questions you want FITori to answer?! Send them to me! I’ll try to post one a week!

Meghan - I found it entertaining that at the bottom of your blog was an ad that said:

5 foods you must not eat:
Cut down a bit of stomach fat every
day by never eating these 5 foods. (then it points to a banana)

Ela - Great, sound advice. What do you make of the folks who do fruit-load with success, though?

But I love that you reinforce that there’s no pat answer, we’re all different and circumstances differ too.

tori - Fruit-load? Do tell!! I’ve never heard of of that!! Fill me in!

tori - ahahaha!!! exactly why I am changing from Google Ads to Blog Her….you must motivated me to make that switch NOW! 🙂

tori - Argh! I guess i have to wait another 30 days! I thought it was ready to go! 🙁

Ela - Well, there’s a whole dietary philosophy out there that espouses eating mostly fruit: it’s one version of rawfoodism. Its adherents tend to be endurance-athlete-oriented. Google 80-10-10 (80% carbs i.e. fruit, 10% protein, 10% fat (also mostly from fruit, with greens, and occasional nuts and seeds). It doesn’t work for everyone by any means but there are a few people that have done it for a while.

tori - Great info!!! I will look that up! I don’t know that I believe in it for me so I don’t want to blog about it and dog it. I only like to “dog” things that are unsafe!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

On that note, I think I’ll go have some fruit!! 🙂

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