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FITori Answers | How do I lose weight?

I get this question a lot. When I tell people my passion is fitness and nutrition, people ask me how to lose weight. My friends ask for help. [I ask my friends for help w/ their passions also…not dogging my friends for asking…ask away! I’m an open book!The problem with this question though [as I’ve said too many times I’m sure…sorry for being a broken record] is that the answer is too complex!! I can’t answer it!

The truth is that I wanted to go into business and be an online fitness, nutrition and wellness counselor.  The problem?  Many people don’t value this service and aren’t willing to pay for it! 🙁  My time is precious these days. I want to soak up every minute with my family that I can.  I wish it were as simple as writing a plan and following it. But truly, I don’t believe that’s how it works. I believe in coaching! 

I have to know a lot about YOU before I can write you a plan. And, even then I’d prefer to help you write your own plan so you can learn!  I mean really, it’s NO fun eating on a plan!! It’s much easier and tons more fun if you learn how to write your own plan, throughout your day, following what you learn!  After we write the plan, I need to follow you on that plan [enter coaching].  Answer your questions. Tweek the plan as necessary. Check in with you weekly, or daily. Follow your progress. Etc. It takes a LOT of time to do it right. I could just write plans, but I want to change lives. It doesn’t do any good to write plans that don’t make the change!

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When I feel like I have the time to put into starting this business the right way [I will not half ass it!] I will probably only be able to find a few clients at a time who are willing to pay me what my time is worth. BUT, if I can change a few lives….then it’s all worth it!! Again, I don’t just want to write plans, email them out and be done. I just can’t do that. I need to work with people. Teach them. And, believe me, there is a LOT to teach because I still have a LOT to learn!

So, for now, I’m waiting on this business. It’s still my passion. I am still getting certifications in my [gasp!] free time! 🙂 But, I cannot give my time away for free just yet.

To me, the decision to spend thousands of dollars a year on health [my trainers for my competition] was EASY!  We paid trainers monthly for over a year until we learned what worked for our bodies to stay in shape.  It was expensive.  And, it was worth EVERY PENNY. How can you put a price on health??!! or happiness??!!

NOW, to answer your question…How do I lose weight?


I don’t believe in losing weight. I believe in getting lean and building muscle. I don’t want women doing hours of cardio to lose pounds on the scale, while shedding the very important muscle that will keep them healthy and in shape for years to come.


For the nutrition component I recommend the Eat Clean Diet books by Tosca Reno.  Tosca Reno is a figure competitor and therefore has followed the “clean eating” diets that I have followed. They work. IT WORKS. Read her books. You’ll be glad you did!


You must lift! You can hire a trainer if you need help learning to lift weights.  I recommend that to any woman who wants to lose weight but has never lifted weights before. You’ll learn the proper way so that you won’t hurt yourself. You’ll gain confidence in the weight room. And, you’ll learn you can lift more than you thought! 🙂 Whatever you do, you MUST LIFT WEIGHTS. There is no way around this one. It is an important piece to the weight loss puzzle.  I love programs like P90x that involve serious lifting!

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If you’re just getting started at both, I’ve always recommended the book Body For Life You can get it used for a penny plus shipping on Amazon.  Get inspired!  Learn how to eat cleaner. Learn how to work out. I promise you’ll see huge changes. Print out the pages for the worksheets. Record your food. Record your workouts. Enter the competition.

Tune in later for a post on a new business FITori is strongly considering as well as updates on what FITori has been up to these last few months!! We’re moving into our new house next week [after being “homeless” since April.]  We’ll have our gym in the unfinished basement so I’ll be sure to share workout and gym updates. And, with Christmas over and finally being settled…maybe I’ll have more time to blog!!! 🙂

Kelly B. - It’s great to have you back! I’ve missed reading your posts! 🙂 Looking forward to hear more of your new business venture!! 🙂

La. - I agree with Kelly, I was thrilled to get your post in my email! Of course people want it for free BUT could it also be the economy? I mean, do you think this would be something people would pay for once things pick up? Plus, you are competing with Weight Watchers and stuff, ya know. Don’t know how your prices would compare BUT until people try those plans and realize it is about health…THEN you are the next step. Right? I don’t know, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you! I’m curious…post baby did your metabolism slow down at all? Mine did after Gooner and I’m curious as to if that will happen with this baby. I don’t know! I would love a post comparing getting fit for a competition vs. getting fit after baby!

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