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FITori Answers | New Q&A series?!

I was inspired by a friend on my FITori Facebook page this morning who asked a question! Why don’t I share those answers on the blog vs just on my Facebook page!

What do you think? Do you have questions? Anything random and weird? Anything you’ve been wondering about fitness and nutrition that I can try to answer?

I was planning on saving that stuff for my discussion board that I’ve been talking about for months BUT since I’ve been so busy and things have gotten in my way, I’m realizing this needs to stay on hold for now! In the meantime, I need to blog more!

I get tons of great questions on my Facebook FITori page and via email/contact!! Thanks so much for all of your interaction!  And, I’m thinking I’ll start turning them into quick blog posts b/c I know more of you come here than to my blog every day! [Gotta love RSS readers and email subscriptions!]


I’ll print your name too [if you want] so tell me what you want it to be called…initials? nickname?

Do you want me to link to your blog? let me know!!

Send me your questions about foods, nutrition, fitness, workouts, etc!

  • Send me an email…
  • tori [at] fitoriblog [dot] com
  • Click on contact above…
  • Go to my FITori Facebook page and comment….
  • Comment below…..
  • Hit me up at twitter
  • @fitori

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!!!!

Tracy - I do have a random nutrition question: So in the bread aisle at the store, what is the best kind of wheat bread to pick? Whole Grain? 7 Grain? Double Fiber? Im an Orowheat eater and they have so many to pick from!

Tracy - Fitness Question: Is there an isolated arm exercise to target the “waving goodbye arm” effect? I feel like the tricep dip or extension doesnt quite target the area. Maybe the fly machine at the gym? Your thoughts would be appreciated!

sandi - I eat lunch right after I work out. What is the best thing to eat? Carbs? Protien? Veggies? A regular old balance meal?

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