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Joy, exactly a year after her daughter was born!

Meet Joy!
Joy is a wife, mother and co-founder of Scottsdale Moms Blog found here @ among many other things, like a friend to me!  She is GREAT at everything she touches because she puts her heart into all that she does. She chooses carefully the things and people that she will focus on and allow into her life.  She and her husband choose to live “intentionally” and it shows.  She is a woman of God and is someone I am blessed to call a good friend of mine.  Joy motivates and encourages me and I have so much to learn from her.  I am lucky to have her in my life.
Has Joy always been in shape?
Yes, I’ve been active since birth and have always found ways to work out and remain active.  I’ve done weight training and running, horse back riding, walking and cycling (well, as a means of transportation).
How pregnancy and motherhood changed Joy…
Before becoming pregnant, I did a bunch of research on what to eat and not eat.  So, yes…but since becoming a mom and researching what to put into my daughter’s body as means of food, I’ve become much more aware of what I put into my own body.
For instance, early on in my pregnancy, I had a bad reaction to milk (gas, bloating).  Once I cut milk out of my diet, I felt so much better!
How did Joy prepare for pregnancy?
I was in good shape before getting pregnant – and by “good shape” I mean thin – but my performance wasn’t much to brag about since I would jog – slowly when I did exercise.
Joy’s fitness routine before, during and after pregnancy…
Before: I ran 5 miles 3-4 times per week
During: I did workouts 3 times a week and walked daily (until 8.5 months)
After: I waited 4 weeks after delivery to start back into a routine and eased into my workout – now I workout anywhere from 2-4 times per week – CrossFitting at Cactus CrossFit
How Joy’s continued fitness during pregnancy helped with her body image…
It really made all the difference to helping me adjust to my changing body.
Joy’s nutrition during pregnancy…
I ate “pretty healthy”.  I ate more bread than I would eat next time.  I ate a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and fish.  To be honest though, I didn’t like food that much and wasn’t very interested in cooking.
Joy’s take on pregnancy and body image…
I loved everything about being pregnant.  I knew that all of the discomforts were only temporary and that they were to give a whole other person life.  So, yes, gaining the weight was wonderful because the as the scale numbers went up, and my belly got bigger, that only meant that she was healthy and growing and that much closer to being here!
How Joy lost her pregnancy weight…
Nursing and eating real food helped me lose the preggo weight the most.  I also think that not eating a ton of junk food and sweets is a key.
Joy’s weight gain during pregnancy….
I gained 40 pounds.  I thought I’d gain 25-30, which is normal.  But I had a lot of water weight and swelling.  The first week after Reagan was born, I could see my legs and arms and face looked considerably different.
Joy’s priorities….
The only way that I get a chance to workout is if I make it a priority.  Otherwise, I can make a thousand excuses to pass on the workout.
How busy is Joy?
I try to preserve my “margin”.  Meaning that I try to only schedule one or two things each day so that I can focus on taking care of Reagan, and things around my home that will bless my marriage.  I find that I’m not too much fun to be around if I have to rush from activity to activity.  I like to take my time and enjoy each part of the day.
How Joy fits her workouts into her busy days….
At first, I would bring Reagan [ Joy’s almost-one-year old daughter] to the gym during her naptime and she would sleep in her carseat while I worked out.
Now that she’s older, I come while she’s awake and usually workout after her second nap.  I’m lucky, because we own the [ Crossfit ] gym, so Kevin is there and can hold her while I’m working out if she isn’t easily occupied otherwise.
A day in the life of Joy…
Right now, Reagan is taking two naps a day.  That means I need to be home roughly between 9-11am and 1-3pm.  So, my activities out of the house need to take place around those.  My computer times happen during her naps.  Although, she’s starting to transition to one nap a day, so that will change what life looks like here soon.
How does Joy eat healthy at home and on the go?
I love eating fresh fruits, veggies and cheese.  Anything that’s real or unprocessed get two thumbs up.  It’s wonderful to take something that is MADE perfect for a quick snack!  Although, I have found some yummy freeze-dried fruits from Costco that I love to munch on from time to time and are a great snack for Reagan too.
I find that Reagan is always interested in what I’m doing and eating.  I love it when I’m eating something that she can eat too.  Now, she’s still getting her teeth, so that’s a little bit limited.  But, I don’t want to keep things in the house that I don’t want her eating.  So that keeps me from buying junk too.
How often and what does Joy eat?
I eat 5 times a day… and we follow Paleo – except I haven’t given up cheese.  I love cheese.
What does Joy feed her daughter, Reagan?
Pretty much the same – although I will give Reagan grains – brown rice cereal and oatmeal and dairy – but Kefir and whole milk or greek yogurt
Joy’s struggles with nutrition…
I love sweet… It’s a constant struggle for balance and discipline.
Joy’s motivation…
My husband is my greatest motivation.  He inspires me to eat healthy and learn about foods I buy for our family.  Since he is passionate about healthy eating, it inspires me to do the same.
Joy’s advice…
Just eat real food and find something that you love doing for exercise.  If you don’t enjoy it, it won’t be sustainable.

Find Joy here….
Scottsdale Moms Blog is a blog by Scottsdale moms who are passionate about encouraging other Moms to get out and try new things while making life richer for everyone!  They hope local women learn more about their community and get out there and experience it first-hand!

Joy - Thanks for the sweet profile Tori! xoxox

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p.s. Where did you get that dress? Seriously!

Joy - Oh, thanks Joanna! I got the dress like a thousand years ago at Dillards… but I’ve found some like it at ROSS through the years! xoxo

shawna @ styleberryBLOG - this is so awesome! Kudos to you, Joy. Love seeing other moms who bounce right back. Thanks for the intro to crossfitmom!! 🙂

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