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FITori interview!

I am so honored to have been interviewed by an amazing woman who thought what I had to say was interesting enough to post on her blog!!! What a lucky girl I am!!  Kelly Olexa has some truly inspiring women among her Wednesday WOOT Factor posts and has a lot of great health, wellness and fitness info on her blog.  If you care to read my interview, check it out on her blog @ or read it below…


It’s Wednesday WOOT! Factor!! Today our guest is Victoria Goetz. Check this awesome bundle of motivation out! If you have questions for Victoria, just leave them in the comments!! WOOT!!

Tell us about you; where you live, your overall fitness/diet/nutrition approach and how/when you started blogging about it.

My husband is a pilot in the Air Force so we are living in Shreveport, LA with Barksdale AFB. I work from home, full-time for a large insurance company, managing our auto body shops in LA & AR.  I am also working hard to complete my Masters of Science in Management in November 2010.  I can’t wait for that to be complete!  I will then start my certifications to be a Nutrition and Wellness Coach through AFPA and a Personal Trainer through NASM….at least that’s the plan!

I started blogging at the suggestion of my BFF, of, who constantly nagged me to start a blog about my passion…fitness.  I finally started it during my husband’s first deployment in 2008 when I needed some accountability to get back into shape.   Look how things have changed since then!

My fitness/diet/nutrition approach is evolving!  I just completed my first competition and during that process I learned a LOT!  You can read my blog post on what I learned here: I changed my approach a great deal through that process.  My experience competing was the best and hardest experience of my life!  Some of my lessons were….

A.  Sometimes health doesn’t line up with being lean. Low-fat options are filled with preservatives and not always the best option for the health and function of the body.  I missed a well-balanced diet including fruit and healthy carbs.

B.  It isn’t worth it to me to always be cutting and feeling horrible because I miss out on the rest of my life and things I feel are more important, like my relationships with family and friends.

C.  I learned to listen to my body. I still eat similarly to how I did during contest prep, but with more carbs.  I space out my meals about the same.  I eat many small meals throughout the day. I always have a protein and either some fat/carb at every meal.  I still drink more than a gallon of water a day to flush the protein through my kidneys and for general health.  I still drink herbal teas and chew gum between meals.

D.  I gained a greater respect for my body after putting it through that.  I look in the mirror and rather than seeing the fat as laziness I see it as healthy on me for my child-bearing years!  I have a more realistic approach of what I want to look like and the lengths I am willing to go for it. And, honestly, my body image has taken a back burner. It gets obsessive during contest prep….always looking in the mirror and I learned to hate that! I have a much healthier body image now that I know what it takes to look like the girls on stage!

When did you first start working out, and why, what made you start?

I struggled with an eating disorder through high school and college and dieted using the Atkins diet to get into my wedding dress in 2004.  After the wedding though, I ballooned when I started eating carbs. I felt out of control and searched for a way to control my weight a healthy way!  I started researching nutrition and became fascinated!  It was my passion!  I hired a personal trainer to teach me how to lift weights and I was hooked!  I loved everything about lifting, working out and eating right!  I’ve been hooked ever since!

Have you always eaten healthy or did that change when you started working out?

We grew up eating a moderately healthy diet but I wasn’t taught about eating healthy. My mom cooked at home for us and we didn’t eat out much but because my mom was such a great cook and cooked for us, I never learned how!  I knew that carbs were bad and protein was good because my mom was usually on the Atkins Diet during my childhood and teen years.  I did not understand the correlation between what I ate and how I wanted to look. I did not realize that it is nearly impossible to gain and maintain my ideal physique eating out every meal of the day.  I did not start to learn about truly healthy eating and what foods do for the body until I started my research on nutrition in 2004 and it wasn’t until my competition diet that I truly understood the importance of nutrition.

What made you decide to compete?

From the moment I picked up my first Oxygen Magazine, I said, “I can do that.”  As soon as I transferred jobs to one that allowed me the flexibility to eat on schedule and work out to train for a show, I made the decision to compete.  I used to work in the field all day every day and when you’re drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day and peeing every 1-2 hours that can pose a real problem!  It’s totally doable to eat healthy in the car all day, but it can be a challenge. I do it now for one to two weeks a month when I travel on business trips, but for me it’s hard to eat as healthy as I’d like without a kitchen!

What changed your mind about competing in the future?

I learned a lot about competing from doing it and I really wanted to quit during prep many times toward the end. I was struggling mentally and physically. I found that the sacrifices weren’t worth it to me!  I felt like I was sacrificing my family, friends, job, passions and myself to look good and it didn’t add up to me!  I had a trainer who had me eating 675 calories a day at one point plus a 30-40 min lift and 2 hours of cardio and that’s when I decided I was going to do this my way, the healthy way and finish it out but never again would I do that to myself.  I may diet down for another Bikini show but never Figure.  I say that now, but things do change, so I may change my mind.  If I do another Bikini show, it’ll be on MY timeline and not trying to make my body do what I want it to. I will work with my body and let it tell me how quickly I will lose fat.  I had a couple of friends during prep that were told by their doctors that they were doing damage to their kidneys and livers.  I am not willing to put my body through that to look good. It just doesn’t add up to me!  I would rather be healthy and feel good to live my life!

What is your current “routine” for working out each week?

I have been sick and out of my routine. I’m hoping that I can build my immune system back up after what I did to it competing!  I am just not myself yet!  I have been sleeping in to try and take care of my body, but I’m finally starting to feel better.  I’m wondering if I’ve just pushed it too hard, even after the comp. I got sick, then felt a little better and pushed it back up to 100% in the gym, getting up early and trying to fit it all in. I tried to fit in 6 months of dates with friends, plus work, masters, etc into the first month after the contest with a LOT of travel and I pushed myself too hard.  So, I started back last week with shorter workouts….just 30-45 minutes of P90x and/or bike rides to ease back in.  I prefer to lift and card in the morning, so this week…IT’S ON!  I plan to start back w/ P90x full throttle and continue my bike rides.  5am comes early! 🙂

What is your favorite form of cardio?

I love, love, love riding my road bike! I feel free! I just love it!  It’s my favorite form of cardio. The humidity is miserable in LA right now, though, so that can be a bit torturous!  There is also a stairstepper/climber in our gym that I think is amazing. My heart rate is through the roof on that thing!  And, I feel the burn in my glutes!  We do not have a step mill but if we did, that would be my 2nd favorite machine.  I also like walking uphill on the treadmill (NOT holding on, of course).  Notice? I love to work my glutes!!  BTW, I always, always, always wear my Polar HRM!  Cardio, lifting, P90x, all exercise includes my Polar so I push myself!

What haven’t you done, workout-wise, that you would like to try in the future?

My husband has been doing mixed martial arts and has been bugging me to go to his fight gym. That’s definitely in the cards for me in the future!  I also wish we had a Crossfit gym closer to my house. I have done some Crossfit workouts but never gone to a Crossfit gym to workout on the regular! That would be awesome!  I’d also love to compete in something function fitness like a Triathlon (but I’d need to learn how to swim and learn to love to run first.)  I’ve also read about Women’s Tri Fitness but never researched it!  Crossfit competitions sound like tons of fun also!

What body part do you hate training, and what is your favorite?

I LOVE WEIGHTS!    I love training shoulders and bi’s. Who doesn’t?!  Surprisingly, I was the queen of hating card but doing hours and hours of it during contest prep made me hate it less….why? I have no idea!  Granted, I don’t want to be faced with doing two hours a day again, but I do like it more now!

I love leg days, for the most part. My least favorite exercise of all time is the Leg Extension once I get over 8-10 reps because the lactic acid starts to build and that is the most uncomfortable feeling!!!  But, I love lifting heavy so I enjoy it all the same!  I have a bulged disc in my lower back so I hate doing squats and leg press now because they hurt my back and I’m always fearful that I’ll hurt myself and be “out” for months after. Being injured is no fun! But, it’s better when you can listen to your body and take it easy if needed.

Do you ever see yourself NOT working out and being healthy like you are now?

NEVER!  I feel bad when I don’t work out! My back hurts, upper and lower.  I feel weaker. I don’t feel strong and like myself.  It bleeds over into my self confidence and I just don’t feel good when I’m not working out hard.  It is my stress reliever so I feel better mentally when I make time for workouts.  Also, healthy foods fuel my workouts and my life. I am able to do all of the things I want to do when I eat healthy. When I take care of my body through proper nutrition and workouts I sleep well, my moods are even, I don’t get headaches, etc.  It is a blessing to get dressed in the morning and not feel horrible about the way your clothes fit. I get a sense of control over my weight and feel good about being able to look and feel the way I want to look and feel!

I also have a very important goal ahead with the next chapter of my life hopefully including children and it is the most important thing for me to be a great example of how to live a healthy and balanced life for my family!  I think that women are the center of the family and that we can guide our family in any direction….for me, that will be toward health and wellness.  I do not want my children to struggle with an eating disorder like I did or their weight in general.  We have the knowledge now and I want to share that with my children someday!  Also, my husband eats and lives this way with me…so I don’t think he’d stand by and let me be lazy!

What do you say to people that make all kinds of excuses for not working out- no time, no money, busy job, not motivated etc.?

Nothing at all.  I can’t change them. I can’t fix them. If they want help, I will help them. If they are unwilling to change, I will not waste my time.  I know it’s hard! And, I don’t know how hard it must be with children. I have not yet experienced that. But, I do know that if you want it bad enough you will make it work…that goes for anything in life.  I will give them the information they need, but it is up to them to do what I teach them and if they are unwilling, I will wait until they are. I feel like health is an investment in your life and your future.  I feel like the importance of working out and eating right is about more than vanity…it’s about living LONGER and feeling better during every minute so you can truly live your life!

Where do you workout- gym, home or both?

BOTH!  For me, there is no replacement for the gym. I am a gym rat. I love the sound of the plates hitting each other.  I love the outdoors though also.  I enjoy getting on my bike and just going!  I have P90x and enjoy fitting in a workout at home on a rainy or busy day. I enjoy a yoga DVD to change things up or a pilates DVD since I’ve been sick.  Some days I don’t want to go to the gym…I’m too sick to spread my germs or I just don’t want to talk to everyone!  I think there are different things for different times, days and people.  I enjoy them all.  I also make it a point to park far away when I can and walk when I can to get as much exercise as I can….all the time!  I like to get in exercise daily just by taking extra steps!

Favorite tunes on your iPod for workouts?

Sometimes it’s about the beat of the music and other times it’s about the words and inspiring me to keep going!  I like slower music sometimes when I’m lifting slowly and faster beats during HIIT cardio for example.  I also like songs that make me think of great times, great workouts or great moments in life that put me in a good “head space”

Recent faves:

“It’s your life”  Francesca Battistelli

Black Eyed Peas “Boom boom pow”  “I Got a Feeling”

David Gretta “Sexy Bitch”

Alltime faves:

“Nasty Girl”  Nitty (Crossfit workout background music…rocks!)

I lift to 3 Doors Down often when I’m in a mellow mood – lifting heavy, slow and steady.
I always like P!nk and Britney Spears – I have a lot of guts admitting to Brit….so be nice to me!

Saving Jane “SuperGirl”

BTW, when I lost all my data recently I lost my Workout playlist and as I typed this I realized this list is old and lame….I need better music. It’s added to my To Do List. “iTunes. Build better workout playlist….soon”

Favorite “cheat type meal”?

I have so many!  I find I get sick when I eat out bad foods now. I really have to be careful and watch my portions.  My favorite cheat foods are always desserts! I love dessert! I love ice cream and cake. I love Black Tie Mouse Cake at Olive Garden. I love milkshakes (whoa calories!) and ice cream.  My husband and I try to have a cheat meal a week and we will rotate between pizza, Mexican, a deli we love, breakfast (pancakes and biscuits), Italian, etc.  We still try to make healthy choices knowing that when eating out you are not eating healthy!  We eat out very little and like it that way!

What motivates YOU?

I motivate myself. I did a long blog post on this recently.

I am motivated by my blog readers who support me. My husband motivates me and my best friends keep me going.  I want to be the best I can be. I want to live a healthy and long life. I am scared of being sick and missing out on life.  I want to be a good example for my future children.  HEALTH is my motivation. It’s not about looking good…that will come with being healthy.  I try to fuel my body so I can live and enjoy my life!  I’m doing a fertility series on my blog and that motivates me also. The thought of being pregnant someday is SO motivating!  The thought of your body not being your own anymore makes healthy decisions seem so much more important!

Before ~ May 7, 2009

After ~ May 8, 2010

Krissa - Love the interview! It sums everything up so nicely! You rock. 🙂

tori - Thanks Krissa…I’m a little long winded :-/ I’m working on it! I promise!

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