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FITori organized simplicity | Grocery Gadget iPhone app!

I am starting another new series about “Organized Simplicity” which is a term I stole from the Simple Mom and her book, “Organized Simplicity.” I’m adding the book to my Amazon links on the sidebar to the right! Read more here. As I progress on my journey toward more simple solutions to organize my life, I want to share those things with you!  I am realizing that adding a child to my life will require MORE organization and making things MORE simple is the only way to go!  So, you’ll notice a new category “home management” that I’ll be posting under and would LOVE your suggestions!!!  I will share what I know, learn, try, and error! 🙂

I took the above picture yesterday while having IT trouble with my PC at work…..the IT guy was “on” my computer and I couldn’t use it so I stepped away and took the above photo….kind of fitting since this post is about how awesome mac products are!

This post may frustrate those of you without an iPhone…..or it will convince you to go out and get one 🙂

Why do we have iPhones? (1) We are Apple (mac) junkies! We LOVE them! Totally sold on Mac products.  (2) Our iPhones make our lives easier and less complicated!

The Grocery Gadget App is a perfect example of how our iPhones simplify our lives!! How?

Perfect scenario:  Wife has to work late. Grocery list is on the counter at home. Wife is at work. Hubby gets off work early and says he needs to run to the store for something…”Is there anything else you need, hon?”  Well yes! But my grocery list is at home on the counter!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! I am all about efficiency! There’s not enough time in the day to waste any!

Another scenario:  Send hubby to the store with a list after wife breaks ankle! 🙂 Hubby comes home with (1) massive quantities of things we don’t need (2) things we don’t need that were not on the list (3) the wrong items even though I thought I was specific on the list….not so much.

Same scenario with Grocery Gadget! Honey leaves work and says he’s headed to the store. “Is Grocery Gadget up to date?” “Yep! I think so…I’ll double check and make changes before you get there!” I go into my Grocery Gadget app and make sure that it’s up to date with all the items I want and he has it updated on his iPhone REAL TIME…yes immediately! 🙂 Oh the joys of technology!

What does Grocery Gadget do?! Well…everything, of course!

  • I walked around my kitchen on Day One with this app and scanned barcodes of our favorite items.  YES, SCANNED BARCODES WITH MY IPHONE!
  • I can take a picture of the exact product so that FIThubby has a photo of exactly what I’m talking about.
  • I can add quantities (and trust me, FIThubby sticks to the quantities so that I can never say “why’d you get __ of those?” He wants to be able to say…”b/c the list said to get two, so I got two.”)
  • I can sort by the aisle so that it’s easy on myself and on my FIThubby if he’s not familiar with the aisles and order of items.
  • I can add brands and store info of exactly where the item is.
  • I can sort by different lists such as WalMart, Kroger, Sams & the Commissary (which each have items that I can only get there or that I choose to get there due to pricing)
  • I can add prices and compare different store prices and tax to different lists (i.e. no tax at the Commissary)
  • I can look up store coupons by the store name!
  • The best parts….my hubby has my list & there are no more sticky notes all over the counter and my purse!!!

Get Grocery Gadget here (or download on your iPhone!)

How do you organize your grocery list? (and coupons)

What’s your favorite iPhone app that I HAVE to try??!!



meghan - Have you tried Grocery IQ? We have that one and it seems similar, just wondering how you’d compare them.

Kristyn - Wow! You’re good. Steve hates grocery shopping & I love it. I meal plan for the week on the weekend and grocery shop every Sunday morning with my coupons. I only go once a week so everything needs to be planned out & organized. I still use the good ‘ol paper grocery list though. I will admit that if we both did the shopping the app could be very efficient!!

tori - You’re so organized!!!! I love it!!!

tori - hahahaha! I have it! And, I’ve never used it! I never got past the first screen! Shows how much patience I have for it! Does it do barcodes? Sort by aisle? Photos? Can it push to his phone too?

Tracy - i just got an iphone this week (finally done with the blackberry) and i just added this app, thanks to your suggestion. i had a really good food tracker on my BB that i loved but i started using Lose It on the iphone and its pretty good. looking forward to other app suggestions you have!

Emily - There is a similar app free for blackberry phones called OurGroceries Shopping List for people who don’t have Iphones. 🙂

tori - AWESOME! I know almost nothing about blackberries! Great to know!!

Christin@purplebirdblog - That is truly awesome!! I wonder if there is a Droid app. 🙂

tori - let us know if you find one!!!

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