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FITori pregnancy | Maternity Photoshoot Sneak Peak!

My BFF (Shawna of posted on her blog today with a sneak peak of our Maternity Shoot last Friday night.

The pic to the left is us at my shower….more to come!

WARNING: This post may make you cry….it did me…and her……


Friendships with girlfriends are such special things, when you find the real thing!

They are hard to find, hard to keep, hard to trust!  True friendships with woman are SO valuable and SO few and far between.

I am so thankful for my friends (I know….broken record talking about my blessings)!

I think she said it better than I could ever have said it….so check out her post!!

For the record….I think our little “tiff” in 2004 was my fault! 🙂

I will have more pics to share from the shower and shoot soon…as soon as styleberry sends them to me! (hint, hint)

Tell me about your best girlfriend!!!


Jess@atasteofconfidence - You look great!

Melissa @ Be Not Simply Good - You mentioned that friendships are hard to trust. A girlfriend and I were talking recently about how people so often won’t let their guards down and be real. We talked about how friendships can’t become deeper unless/until we do let that guard down, how we cheat our friends out of the opportunity to really BE friends to us if we try to hide our problems. It’s nice to have a friend we can trust with our real selves. I’m still pretty guarded, but I have a few close friends that I trust more than any others.

thehealthyapron - Awww can’t wait to check out the pictureS1

tori - You are so right! It’s hard to trust and share and when you find someone you can be “REAL” with and share all that things that make us human, all of our faults (we all have them) w/o fear of those things being shared w/ others…..that’s an amazing friendship and brings so much to our lives.

tori - Thank you!!!!

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