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FITori thoughts on pregnancy | Maternity Photos Part I

I’ve been holding out on sharing these maternity photos! Sorry about that! I am still holding out a little because I have 10 or so more pics I’ll share with you soon that my BFF took the night before my shower a few weeks ago.

FIRST OF ALL, aren’t this pics amazing??!!! You haven’t even seen the best ones!! The one on the top right of this collage will prob be in our FITbaby Girl’s nursery….it’s in my top 3…I think, but it’s so hard to choose! They’re all SO amazing! The hubby loves it.  Thank you styleberry!!!

I’ve been asked to share some of my thoughts and feelings on pregnancy. I posted these two posts back at around 19 weeks preggo…..Why I don’t love pregnancy & Why I love pregnancy and got a lot of great responses. I’ve been pregnant longer now and can now give a different perspective on pregnancy than I did then.

At 19 weeks, I couldn’t feel the baby move. I had more fears. I was getting used to not being able to move the same way in my new & changing body. I was still not feeling 100%…my appetite wasn’t back [it’s probably not back now to be honest….I’ll report back post-baby and post-BF!] The “fun” parts hadn’t begun yet, just the part where I couldn’t get in and out of my car as easily as before – a “fat tire” had appeared around my middle! 🙂  And, I was still fearful that it wouldn’t work out and that it wasn’t “real” yet.

Now, at 36 weeks and nearing the end I can honestly say….I still do not LOVE being pregnant. Hear me out though! You know how some women say they LOVE pregnancy?  I don’t LOVE it, BUT I REALLY CAN’T COMPLAIN. My “discomforts” are normal pregnancy discomforts. They are part of the territory. But I cannot say…”I’ve never felt better” because…well, I have!

I am MOST excited about MEETING OUR GIRL!!!! This is not bad. I do not complain….even when I walk like a granny or waddle….even when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee…even when I cannot bend over….even when my pace has slowed to that of a snail’s…I really cannot complain.  This is pregnancy.  And, for all that bad….THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD!!! Again, the main thing…we get to meet our girl soon!

I have very few pregnancy symptoms and for that I am truly grateful.  I actually had a nightmare the night I wrote the first draft of this blog post…..I had a nightmare that there was no baby because my symptoms were so minor. Crazy?! I’ve also had nightmares that I’ve forgotten to feed the baby and most recently…that I’ve forgotten the baby. I guess it’s a good thing that my diaper/camera bag won’t be in quite in time…I’ll be using the hubby’s Diaper Dude and thank goodness it comes with a checklist. 🙂 Note the last item on the checklist….

I think about how grateful I am to be feeling “well” every day. I am not sure why I am feeling so well. I really do think I am feeling better than most pregnant ladies at this stage. Again, I don’t love this…I’m not feeling better than the normal FITori me…but I don’t think I feel as bad as the normal pregnant girl does….I could be wrong. It’s hard to know how others feel!  I just know my list of symptoms is pretty short.  I feel very blessed to have good genes and to be healthy and feel good!

I still have to say…. I’d am excited to have my trim little waist & rockin’ shoulders back!  I’d can’t wait to be able to bend and move again. I can’t wait to be quick and speedy throughout my day again. I am very excited about getting my body back and being A BUSY & FIT MOMMA…..very soon, I hope! 🙂 Can’t. Wait.

FITori’s pregnancy symptoms:

  • I do wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Only once usually. And, only 5 out of 7 nights a week. I’m getting a full night’s sleep one or two nights a week. It’s bliss and I’m very thankful for those nights.
  • When I do wake up, I waddle and move REALLY slowly to get there. My hips take some time to stretch out.
  • I move at the pace of a snail, especially when there is a little baby head resting on my cervix. 🙂 What a change from the old me, where I’d be in the store before my FIThubby would be around the car to open the door. Now, I don’t even have my seat belt off before he’s standing at the door trying to help me. It’s quite the change. 🙂
  • I can’t bend over well. “Can I have a tissue?” [the box rests at my feet in the passenger side of our cars] usually sounds like the toughest request of the entire day b/c I can’t really reach it! 🙂

So, all in all….this is NORMAL PREGNANCY STUFF!!! I’m not swelling…yet. [Thank you, God.] My face isn’t fat….yet. I can still wear my rings.  My appetite never got crazy…in fact, I think my appetite has been more under control during pregnancy than I remember before. BUT, some of that could be that I may finally be “regulated” after competing!

How much of this is because of my health, diet, exercise and weight? I can’t answer that. I have read and my OBGYN did tell me that protein intake is directly related to swelling. As you all know….I am serious about protein! I don’t know. I can only guess and assume that it’s part of it!

AND THE FUN STUFF….At 19 weeks I couldn’t feel her move. Now, she’s about 6 lbs in there and is moving and shaking. I feel like I’m getting to know her. We saw her 4D ultrasound pics and I feel like I know what she looks like.  I am nesting and I’ll try to share all of that with you!!! I have some great tips for things to buy and how to set it all up! I will definitely be sharing once I have some “real” experience with this motherhood.

Back at 19 weeks, it was hard to believe it’s happening. Now, it’s real. I wake up every morning and think about snuggling her, changing her and feeding her. I go through my day thinking about taking care of her and wondering when she’ll be done “cooking” and ready to come say hi.  I get kicked and punched all day…..a reminder she’s in there.  🙂

The moral of the story….the moral of MY story…I AM GRATEFUL. I AM THANKFUL. I AM BLESSED.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. My hubby reminds me daily….“Are you glad you were able to have this experience?” [speaking of pregnancy] and I can say, without a doubt, I am very thankful and that this has been a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. [Can’t wait to be a FITmomma very soon though!!!]

I love you all and appreciate your support.  Thank you all for staying with me as I post sporadically during this exciting time!!

Keep checking back….I have more maternity pics to share! Promise!

What do you think helped you [or your friend, sister or mother] most to minimize pregnancy symptoms?

thehealthyapron - i love this post Tori bc you are just being honest and I Think that is most important when you have a blog. You show others that while it’s not the ideal situation, you are still excited to be having a baby! I think I’ll probably have a similar experience as you ! While I might love it (who knows) I’ll probably just be ready to get on with it after a few months and get my old body back! Thanks for being honest though!

Heidi @ Food Doodles - Those are beautiful pictures! As with your other posts about pregnancy, I really love that you’re honest about it all. I loved being pregnant but I still had “symptoms” and pains etc and it was not the most comfortable time in my life, that’s for sure.

I actually used to get really bad leg cramps at night when I was pregnant and eating a banana a day kept that away 🙂

Love that diaper dude pic! Haha.

tori - Thank you!!! I’ve had a few cramps and I’ve been stretching my calves to try and help that! 🙂 Bananas and potassium are always a great idea!

tori - Thanks! You just reminded me I didn’t really talk about body image & pregnancy but I need to!!! That’s another question I get asked ALL the time! Great reminder for me! Thanks girlie! I want a report when you are preggo…..curious to know how you’ll feel. Every pg is so different and we are all so different. Some women love different aspects about pregnancy and I think our personal experiences factor in a great deal! I don’t love the extra attention, for example and some women love that! Who knows, maybe I’ll miss it right away…some women do! 🙂 We’ll see! Thanks for your honest comments!

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