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FITori thoughts on WW Points Plus & other diet advice!

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Jennifer Hudson is the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers and the photos for the newest ad campaign were awesome so I used them for this post!

FIRST!!! Before I tell you about the new WW Points Plus Program and give you all my thoughts on the plan, etc, I have to tell you what I got in the mail today!!! Yesterday was a great mail day too. I fell totally in love with my package from yesterday and you can check it out here.  But, TODAY was even more special.  I am MORE in love with this package because I think I’ll have it longer….NO, not longer than the baby! Longer than the dresses! 🙂

{singing} ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  🙂 – the pic above was taken w/ my Nifty Fifty lens

The pic below of fruit was taken with the new lens and I am already in love!!!! In. Love. Love. It.  I do think I’ll be selling my Nifty Fifty/ Canon 50mm/1.5 soon. I’ll play w/ my new one a little more but after taking 20 pics with my new one…..I may NEVER put my 50mm on my camera again. Oh, and the new lens? It’s HEAVY! There is some serious glass action happening inside that lens.  For 4x the price, it appears I got a better product!  Love that!

Ok back to diet & Weight Watchers!!!

I wanted to tell you about the new Weight Watchers Point Plus Program not so you’ll sign up but to tell you about the new science they have used to revamp their program points system.  I have NO affiliation with Weight Watchers. I’ve never used it. I just think the new program is AWESOME and had to share!  I do NOT agree with everything about the program though and I’ll tell you why….

This new system is based on newer science than the old system. It’s putting more emphasis on what kind of foods you eat (and in what combinations) over just calories….this is my philosophy!  It’s not about counting calories! I don’t count calories! It’s about what you’re eating, at what time of day and in what combinations!!! 🙂 It’s too bad that formula isn’t easy…it’s complicated, or everyone would be lean and mean!

So, in Weight Watchers’ old system (why I didn’t like it or recommend it to anyone) points were based on calories.  For example, in the old system a cookie and a banana were the same points! That’s awful! What choice would you make?! Now, fruits are different than desserts in the point system so the system encourages you to eat healthier!

The new program wants you to INCREASE your protein and fiber and DECREASE your fat and carbs.  I agree…for the most part, as a general rule! In the general sense, yes, this is true.  (We still need *some* healthy fats and healthy carbs in the diet, at the right times and in the right combinations.) I don’t think they talk enough about food combinations! But I have not read the materials or signed up for the program so I might be missing something about that part!

What do I mean about food combinations?! Well, eating protein with carbs helps to slow down the digestion of the carb and slower is better so eating carbs alone is a bad idea….especially for fast acting carbs b/c that will raise your blood sugar too fast and the body will not be able to use that as energy and will thus store it as fat.  Other bad combinations are too many fats and carbs together b/c the body has a hard time using both for energy and again, the extra will be stored as fat.

seriously?! Is that not a great picture! Do you not feel like you could actually eat those grapes off your computer screen?! And, you can even see ME in the grape…look hard at the grape in focus in the middle…you can see my hand & my camera!

Fruits and veggies (not including starchy veggies) are ZERO points!!! Well, I do agree that green leafy veggies are FREE, FREE, FREE!  Eat ’em up!  BUT, I do not agree that ALL fruits should be free!!  Pineapple has a higher glycemic index/load than an apple for example and I can promise you that in order to lose weight I would not tell my clients (or for myself) to eat as much pineapple as they want!! AH!!!

Different stages of weight loss…There are different stages of weight loss though and depending on how much weight you have to lose and when you started your “journey” unlimited pineapple might be ok. But, for a lifestyle, which is what I’m working on for my clients to learn, it’s not okay to eat unlimited pineapple or any fruit. You’ll want to fill up on leafy greens and eat AN apple and watch portions and learn to know when you feel full.

The new program also has a # of points built in as a weekly budget for “cheating” for a lack of a better term. This is a great idea! There isa  limit to how much “cheating” you can do and still see results but it’s a GREAT idea to have this built in so that you don’t feel deprived!!! It’s a great idea to add in your favorite foods that you are craaaaaving but in the proper portions, combinations and at the right times.  Of course, not if that is a “trigger” food for you to overeat.

I skimmed over a lot of concepts. Are there any that you want more info on?

What are your thoughts on this WW program or any other? What programs have worked for you?!

Kristyn - I didn’t think a grape could look so good! Are you using your new lens on the canon rebel or do you have a more fancy schmancy one? I have a rebel and I like it. I don’t LOVE it, but it does the trick for now!

Christin@purplebirdblog - That fruit picture is fantastic! I’m so happy you love your new lens! I have never done WW, but this plan definitely seems to make much more sense than what I new of it before. I’m so glad they’re pushing for more real foods!

tori - @ Kristyn – L.O.L. 🙂 It’s on my Canon Rebel T1i. I’d love a full frame but I can’t justify it right now. What lenses do you have for yours?!

tori - @ Christin – ME TOO!!! Thanks for the compliments! I am sooo excited about my new lens! I want to go take pictures of EVERYTHING!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Your excitement over the new lens is palpable!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious, and the grape in the center is incredible.

I have a friend in WW, and she loves the new program. She says it’s nice to know that if she’s hungry, she never has to feel guilty about grabbing a piece of fruit.

I’d love to read and learn more about combinations of foods. I’ve recently started eating smaller meals more frequently and feel really good about it, but perhaps I should be using different combinations… something to consider.

tori - @ Michele – sooo not too enthusiastic?! The Incredible Edible Grape! 🙂 I love her perspective about the new ww program! Yes, combinations and timing is HUGE! Big big deal! 🙂 I’ll try to say more on here about that.

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Definitely not TOO enthusiastic! When you’re excited, let it shine! And I’d love it if you wrote more about timing and combining. Looking forward to it.

Darcy - I am a Lifetime WW member. I lost 45lbs on the old points system. I am thrilled with the new system. It makes it alot easier for those of us who have absolutely no clue about nutrition. While I understand your comments about the high glycemic fruit, I also know that I (and other WW members) didn’t get fat eating too much fruit. Consumption of fruit in our country continues to go down. And lots of WW members wouldn’t spend the $$ for pineapple and other more exotic fruits. (more exotic than apples anyway.) They are encouraging more unprocessed foods, which is AWESOME!

Jess@atasteofconfidence - I always felt like the unlimited fruit thing was a little odd, but your levels of weight loss definitely makes sense.

tori - @ Darcy – you’re soooo right!!! I guess my point about that was the if you’re trying to get to 15% BF, unfortunately unlimited fruit won’t cut it. And, I think that the fruit can be eaten too much and some might not see the results they want b/c of it. So, that’s my concern. Hopefully that made sense!

Toronto Girl West - I’ve never done WW but long wondered about what it entailed. Especially since I’ve known more than a hand-full of people obsessed with “points!”

tori - hahaha! yes, me too! now the points make more sense and i can be encouraging to friends who are doing ww!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - I can see you in that grape! that is a sign of tack sharp focus!! well done!

Katie - Hi! Im so glad you stopped by my blog, leading me to find yours! Your blog is awesome and inspirational ; ) I cant believe I never saw your blog before! Congrats on your baby girl to be coming into the world soon! So exciting!!!

I never really followed the WW plan, meaning I dont know what the diet plan is, I think I did know a friend that was on it and lost weight , I did hear its great!

Love that you got that lens, I was looking into getting that, I have had friends tell me that is a great lens to get!

Im so happy I got to see your blog now! Happy Friday! xo Katie

Sandi - i’ve done ww, my mom has done ww, and my aunts have done ww. i’ve never seen anyone lose a pound. what i always find to be a problems is that they want you to eat more than you already do! like my diet is mostly veggies and meat, but ww wants you to throw in bread and fruit and some dairy and some fats. by the time i’ve done that i’m eating twice as much as normal and see NO results. but i’m sure it has to work for someone…i mean jennifer hudson looks great! (oh and your grapes look awesome too!)

Allie - Wow, your camera is LEGIT! I love your blog 🙂

Sara @ OurDogBuffy - I am so glad you left me a comment and thus I went to read your post and it happened to be about the new WW! I’m starting it next week! I think it will help me because I know I need more protein and less carbs, but we’ll see. If you want more information as I get it, I’d be happy to share!

tori - @ Sara – Please share! I’d love it! I love hearing about programs that actually help people! There are sooooo many out there that just take people’s money and do nothing OR worse….leave them in worse shape than before!!

tori - @ Allie – you’re too sweet! Thanks! I love photography!!

tori - @ Katie – Happy Friday to you too!!! I love the new lens! I’d love to hear about it if you get it. What lens do you have? Thanks for the congrats on our lives changing this summer!!! We’re thrilled!

tori - @ Sandi – I like personalized plans better and that’s what I plan to do for clients, BUT I love that this program could work and does work for some and it’s healthy!! It’s not about calorie counting but about eating the right foods! I love that! And, I don’t think it sets people up for losing weight and then gaining it all back!

Cassie G. - I just bought a Canon Rebel T2i and I just have the standard lens that came with it. That’s a great photo!! I can’t wait to get a better lens so that I can snap away when my baby gets here!

tori - @ Cassie – the 50mm 1.8 is around $100-119 so it’s a GREAT buy! And, I used it for a year. Just about all the pics taken on this blog that are stamped w/ my url are from that lens and that camera! Great starter lens! love it! You’ll see SOOO much of a change just by using it!! Love the Rebel! I haven’t figured out video yet…will have to go back to the manual for that!

Emily - Now you have made me rethink the nifty-fifty, lol. The 1st thing I saw in your pic WAS YOU! I was like “I see you!” man that’s great. I have thought I wanted the 50mm, now I guess I need to do some research. I LOVE my 28-105mm it really does a great job but I need something with a lower f-stop. I used a friends 50mm and it was hard for me to not ZOOM, lol I am not used to “placing” myself for the picture.
I would also like the info on who you should not eat together, I think that’s an issue that I have.
Thanks for sharing your lovely MAIL!

Gillian Young - Your new lense is amazing! I feel like I could take a bite right our of that fruit!

I’m so happy WW has changed to me more nutritionally focused. I get upset when people solely count calories because a lot of low cal food is not good for you!

And Jennifer hudson is gorgeous!!!

tori - @ Emily – the 50 is a great one for a low fstop and depending on budget it costs 1/4 the price. BUT I was always stepping further back and further back to the get the pic I wanted! And, sometimes that’s not possible so I missed shots I wanted! But w/ this one, I can get all the shots I could w/ the 50 (at least I think so after a day of shooting w/ it!) AND more b/c I don’t have to back up to get the full pic in there!!! I haven’t noticed myself in a pic yet w/ the 50 b/c I’m so far away when I take the pics! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide….and a lower f/stop will change your life!! and your photography! the depth of field AND the low light situations you can shoot w/o the flash!! so excited for you!!

tori - Thanks Gillian! I totally agree about calories! I LOVE the new lens. My hubby thought I was nuts I was so excited to show him my “fruit” 🙂 hahaha!

Melissa - Hey Tori – Love the site!! It’s gorgeous.
Your dog is so adorable!!
I just got a fancy DSLR at the end of last year so I’m excited to branch out some more. The pictures you took are fantastic!

tori - @ Melissa – I got mine for Xmas in 2009 and I LOVED my fun taking pics during the first year. I just started shooting in RAW in Oct and all in Manual mode and love it now!!! I still have soooo much to learn but it’s so fun!! I love it!!! Thanks for all the compliments!

teresa - I love your blog! (thanks for stopping by my mom blog!)
It’s really nice to read your posts and see what you’ve done. I’ve been so focused on my immense amount of weight to lose for so long and I’ve been realizing that it’s more inspiring, and motivating to focus more on the kind of fitness I want to achieve. I think it’s about identifying more with the fit person in me and less with the extra weight that never felt like “mine” in the first place.
I like your info on weight watchers. I’ve just started Medifast (again… long story). Pros and Cons to this for sure. I have a post in the works about that. Ultimately it helps me break “habits”.

La. - Honestly I’m so glad that WW changed their system. It was frustrating to watch my Mom make poor decisions like passing up an orange if she was hungry because she wanted to eat more enchilada. But it DOES help with portion control and the like. Points are EVERYWHERE so it must be working!

tori - @ teresa – I can’t wait to hear about Medifast!!
I definitely believe more in action goals vs results goals! You can’t make your body respond the way u want it to! And it is so much nicer to focus on how far you’ve come vs how far you have to go!! I can’t wait to hear your success story soon!!!

Nicole D - This was really interesting. I thought about trying WW after this baby is born. So interesting to hear your take on it!

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