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FITori training | Are you overtraining?

Before I tell you how to identify if you’re overtaining, I want to tell you a bit about what I think about training and fitness….just in case you’re new here or haven’t read EVERY word of this blog! 🙂 And, to be honest, my opinions have definitely changed in the last year after my Fitness Competition last year.

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That being said, overtaining usually occurs when you’re working out too many days in a row, not getting enough rest, or doing too many days of “two-a-days.”  I normally recommend losing weight slowly enough, that you do not get so burn out with the training program that you quit and take MONTHS off before you decide to get back into your workouts.  I think fitness needs to be enjoyable so you’ll keep it up! It’s about a lifetime of fitness not a 12 week weight loss plan! BUT, there are sometimes that I do recommend training that hard! Sometimes, it is necessary for functional fitness or to meet a goal of a competition, a race, etc or to break through a plateau!

There are some important warning signs to recognize:

  • My main one is always: lack of sleep!  I will be totally restless and unable to sleep and be exhausted at the same time!
  • Increased tension, anger, irritability or loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities
  • Loss of motivation to train, cutting sessions short, loss of performance, unusual tiredness and fatigue all the time, during or after workouts
  • Getting sick often, body aches, decreased appetite, elevated resting heart rate or blood pressure

As always, it is very importnat to listen to your body! If you suspect over training, identify this early! It is far better to “recover” from overtraining early than to catch it too late and have to take a week or more off to recover.

Listen to your body. Take a full day off.  Feeling better? Ease back in!  Do only light cardio the next day.  Not feeling better? Take another day off!

What are your symptoms of overtraining? What do you do to recover? Have you learned from that for later?

thehealthyapron - I’ve definitely suffered from overtraining and I always end up getting hurt. Last year I had a MAJOR set back with my back from over training and not taking any rest or stretch days. I’m trying to be smarter about my exercise regimen this year though…if I start feeling the signs of over training…I make sure to cut back or take some rest!

meghan - So funny that you posted this right now. I’ve decided that Marathon training has been taking over my life (sound familliar?). Everything that you put above as signs are things I’ve been experiencing… Every. Single. One. Some worse than others. I chalked it up to just being in the “soup” of it and nearing the end when I can taper (how’s this for crud… Mother’s Day = 16 miles, my 30th birthday = my longest run – 20 miles – before I start tapering). So this week we’re changing gyms, and I had some gift cards to use up. Instead of working out I’m getting a facial, massage, and pedicure as part of taking care of this marathon machine. I’m ready to go out and hit another long run this weekend. My body needed the break. Took your advice before you even posted it. Thanks Tori!

La. - Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, um I don’t necessarily agree with your motto next to your pic, BUT I do agree that overtraining is dangerous. I definitely notice my sleep, it can feel like speed or something. I’ve never taken speed BUT it’s like exercise overload…

tori - I’m so proud of you for recognizing and learning that and sharing with others. It’s tough for those of us who are Type A to slow down!!!

tori - Sounds soooooo familiar!!!! I’m glad you’re taking some time off! I’m also extreeeeemley impressed with you for marathon training! That is an amazing goal!

tori - Tell me more! I want to know what you disagree with!!! Tell me girl! I love your perspective!

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