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Food Addiction | Label foods as poison!

This Today Show segment got me thinking this morning….

We know that sugar, fats and processed foods have the same impact on our brains as drugs. They stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain, like drugs. I agree with this because I love sugar and I wouldn’t doubt that I am addicted to sugar.  BUT, is it different and even harder for the overweight? New studies say YES! New studies say that the effects of these processed, fatty and sugary foods have a GREATER effect on the overweight. I know how hard it is for me, so if it’s even harder for the overweight I can’t imagine how hard this is!!!  The overweight also have a harder time because of the increased hormones associated with more abdominal fat. They make an overweight individual feel hungry ALL the time!! What a horrible feeling. I remember it well from contest prep! It’s awful! And, the stomach becomes stretched from overeating. So, again, hungry all the time! What a triple whammy!!!

I have a great deal of respect for individuals who have conquered being overweight against these tough odds! And, for those who haven’t yet but are working hard every day to conquer weight and body issues!  You can! And, you will! I know it!

I loved Nancy Snyderman’s idea to treat or label these bad processed, fatty and sugary foods as POISON!!! POISON!!! I truly believe that the only way to conquer weight issues is to treat it as an issue of HEALTH not WEIGHT or weight loss! I believe that if you change your lifestyle for HEALTH…the health of yourself to stay around because you love your life and family and the health of your family and kids, so you can live as an example to them.

I, FITori, want to be STRONG and HEALTHY. I want to feel good. I want to fuel my body. I want to teach my daughter how to feel great, stay healthy, and look great also. I want to live my life also though and not be a slave to diets!

What do you think?  Is food an addiction? Is it harder for the overweight?

Liz @ Southern Charm - I totally think food is an addiction and it is even harder being overweight. You literally have to cut back some of the stuff you eat. It is a battle!

Ela - This is a very interesting subject. Of course, it’s a misnomer to say that fats purely per se act like drugs: it’s the addition of lots of extra fats to foods that works addictively.

That said, the concept of food reward and how it plays in obesity is worth taking seriously. If you’re interested, you might enjoy looking at Stephan Guyenet’s blog –he knows what he’s talking about and back in August (I think) he did a whole series of posts on food reward and obesity.

I love that you’re educating yourself about all this and taking such care of your daughter!

tori - Very true! Not all fat is bad! I have a post on healthy fats you can find here:
I will check out that blog! Thank you for sending it to me!

Lucinda - Absolutely! I’m not overweight but I have chronic intestinal illnesses. (yes, more than one.) So I have to be very careful about what I eat. When you look at the fatty, sugary over processed foods, they are also laden when chemicals and preservatives which absolutely are poison. They screw up your system. I constantly talk to my kids about real food and fake food. Stuff that pretends to be food but really is just poison.

Changing your thinking and focusing on health is huge. I talk about food as healing. What foods can I eat that will heal my body instead of harm it. That makes it easier. Visualizing that food nourishing my body makes me more likely to eat it than the sugar that I crave. Good luck on your journey to good health!

Cece Evola - If you look to my web site on the journey section, you will see I have lost a lot of weight and why I began. Over this journey that continues until this day, I have learned that for me, sugar functions as a drug that I want more and more of. Food is not the drug for me….it is sugars and processed carbs. One of the most eye opening books I have read is called “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite.” It is by David Kessler, MD who outed the tobacco industry for enhancing nicotine in cigarettes! Now he is outing the food industry in their practice of loading and layering food with more sugar, salt and fat to make it more so palatable…. Overeating for me is a combination of addiction, and social learning…how I was rewarded and how I reward myself with food and how I use it to soothe myself. When I am neutral to food I am at my happiest, bec. food is simply fuel to me. It has no pull on my life. I am not obsessing over how to get X and when I will get it and eat it. I am grateful I have been in the place of neutrality for a while….but vigilance is necessary bec. the pull of the addiction is always there if I pick up again!

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