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Food Labels

After I grilled all my protein, divided, weighed and labeled it… dawned on me that I might have an idea for you all that you had not yet thought about.

In our house, we always have healthy food in the fridge to quickly heat up for lunches or snacks.  Currently with my contest prep, just about all of my meals are warmed up after pre-cooking them.  When you’re trying to lose weight it is paramount that you have the next meal planned and ready.  If not….you will let your mind wander into the dangerous territory of “what am I hungry for?” NOOOOOO!!!!!  There’s no coming back from that for me….I’ll have a pizza ordered or be in the car on the way to Chick-fil-a faster than I’ve even processed that I am cheating on my diet.

I’ve also learned through the years of being married that just because I know what’s in the fridge doesn’t mean my husband has a clue what is in those tupperware containers!  It’s also great fun to open up a tupperware container and smell it to decide if the “chicken’s bad?”  If you’re like us, this happened often…until I started labeling the food!  I know, I know…I label everything. It works though! We waste less food which equals costs savings and time savings.  We eat more healthy. I put on the container what’s in it and the date I cooked it.  Life-saver!  these are just tiny post-it notes that are easy to take off before you throw the tupperware in the dishwasher!

I am a huge fan of these mini glass containers that you see above (Salmon).  Often, after I’ve cooked my meat I’ll go ahead and weight and divide out my portions right then.  I found those glass containers at TJ Maxx for around $9.99 for 12 and I bought 2 boxes.  (Caution: Don’t stack them too high in the cupboard…they’ll fall….I’m down to 22 probably now).  Another great container for meats like this is baby food containers.  They work really well at 2-3 oz to divide portions.

I find it’s SO much easier to walk into the kitchen, put one of those containers in the microwave for 40 seconds.  Throw it into a paper bowl after it’s hot. Add my sugar-free ketchup or mustard and carry it back to my desk to eat it!  Soooo quick and easy!  They’re great for traveling too!  If food prep is going to be a hassle I find myself putting it off. And, if you put it off and wait too long you’ll get too hungry and blow your healthy eating but stuffing your least that’s the case for me!  Also, if you already have your food pre-portioned….it’s easier than thinking about how much to eat.  Portion control is key in dieting!  I read someone’s blog (sorry I don’t remember who it was) who said that they packed their lunch on the weekends like they do on the weekdays just for the house in order to keep them on their diet. Great idea!  This system works really well when packing lunches.  I can pack my cooler for the day in a minute when all the food is already portioned!

The red tupperware is the kind that lids all snap together.  I got them at Sam’s Club and it makes my life so much easier b/c it all fits together. All of the lids work interchangeably with the different sized containers.  And, my kitchen cabinet looks beautifully organized when you open it up!

Take some time today to think about your next trip to the grocery store and what foods you might be able to cook ahead and have ready to eat…..

Ideas: The proteins you see above listed above with a carb or a fat and a veggie.  1/2 cup of Brown rice?  1/2 oz of Almonds or Walnuts?  Don’t forget about your healthy breakfast of eggs and oatmeal!

Teresa - This is spot on. Back when I paid too much for someone to hold me accountable and to purchase diet bars and supplements, they recommeded making things in advance, like veggie sticks instead of finding something “fast” eat. I never thought about weighing my proteins after cooking – I usually would separate my chicken or other foods bought en masse to avoid cooking too much. Thanks for the great tips!

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