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FUN Friday | Four Things.

It’s FUN Friday so I thought I’d change it up a bit and save my GREAT post on money and weight for Monday…..I stole this from a new fave blog of mine…How Sweet It Is. It’s so hard to top her answers though! I almost didn’t try!

Four TV shows I watch:

  1. Boardwalk Empire…LOVE!
  2. Brothers & Sisters….LOVE & own all seasons!
  3. Oprah [sorry people, I watch the show]
  4. Nate Berkus Show…new LOVE! So inspiring!

Four things I’m passionate about:

  1. People – love, friendship, relationships, family.
  2. Health – take care of your body so you can live your life.
  3. “be who you admire” – live the life you dreamed, be the person you keep admiring
  4. Learning – I learn every day. I love to learn. I love to read.

Four words/phrases I use a lot:

  1. I love you.
  2. Hunny bunny. [talking too my hubby]
  3. [According to my hubby] I have to eat…NOW. [pregnancy]
  4. [According to my hubby] I don’t feel good. [pregnancy] 🙁

Four things I’ve learned from the past:

  1. There are different friends for different purposes in our lives.
  2. Everything happens for a reason.
  3. Some things never change and some things will never be the same.
  4. Worrying changes nothing and is a waste of energy.

Four places I would like to go:

  1. Northeast – Manhattan, Boston, the place I was born in MD, RI, Washington DC
  2. back to Europe – Paris, Italy, Norway, etc. All of it! [PIC TO THE RIGHT is of styleberry & myself in Germany in 2008]
  3. back in time (stole that one from How Sweet It Is)
  4. Heaven (stole that one too)

Four things I did yesterday:

  1. Got my hair trimmed & flat ironed by my wonderful hairdresser. [PIC TO THE RIGHT of my awesome hairdresser after she straightened my hair!]
  2. Blogged.
  3. Worked all day.
  4. Market research for the new FITori store…opening soon!

Four things I am looking forward to:

  1. Becoming a mother.
  2. Moving back to the Midwest – sooner or later…someday.
  3. Watching my business start and grow soon!
  4. Watching my life unfold. 🙂

Four things I love about winter:

  1. Freshly fallen snow, first thing in the morning.
  2. Fires in the fireplace
  3. Hot cocoa after a long day of playing in the snow
  4. Skiing, sledding, snowmen, toddlers in snowsuits all bundled up [makes me laugh]

We got snow here in the South last February 2010! It was crazy! I took pics of the house for a real estate ad some day!

AND, the pics at the top are of me and my mom in Maryland.

Post links below from your blog if you add this OR just pick a category and give me your list!!!!  I can’t wait to read!!!

Michele @ Healthy Cultivations - Four things I did yesterday:

1. went to the gym crowded with newcomers who I hope will stick with it

2. wrote a post I’m really proud of about self-talk and body-image

3. talked to my mom

4. worked during the day

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun - What a fun post! I love all the pictures in it. I might have to steal this idea for fun too. I keep seeing it all over blogs and never get sick of it.

tori - @ Michele – I love your perspective of the new folks at the gym!!! Instead of hating them and wanting them to go home…hoping they’ll stick to it is awesome!! I will go read that post now!! 🙂
@ Tina – come back here and link to it when you do yours!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to read it!!

Christin@purplebirdblog - I’ve gotta do this thing one of these days… I’ll probably be the last one! 😉

tori - Last but not least!! 🙂 I’d love to see it! Or you can just pick your fave and post it here! 🙂

sandi - I had that same winnie the pooh snowsuit!!!!
I love the reason, season, life time thing for friends. I wish I could say it as pretty as i’ve seen it in the past, but i’m positive you know what i’m talking about. it always makes me smile and feel all fuzzy inside when someone who i thought was just there for a reason or season all of the sudden becomes a lifetime person. or when i’m all sad because i think i lost someone as a friend and then realize that they were only meant to be in my life for a reason and i can appericiate all they did for me.

tori - @ Sandi –
I’ll bet mine was a hand-me-down 🙂
I do get what you’re saying re: friends and I think it’s great to know that to release the guilt from feeling like you have to be best friends w/ everyone.
That’s great insight looking back!!! It’s so true!!!

Emily - This was tough for me. I didn’t think it would be, it’s just 4…well I had a hard time after the first few. Made me stop and think!

tori - I did too! I left them for a few days and came back and I even had to copy 2 answers!! 🙂

La. - Hey, thanks for visiting my site! Your blog looks SUPER interesting so I’m excited to spend more time looking around! Girls are FABULOUS and girls with curls, OH MY GOODNESS! My daughter has CRAZY curly hair and it is delightful! Congrats on your daughter! I’m loving all this snow in Colorado!

tori - La, Thanks for all the advice!!! We are so excited!! And we miss Colorado!!! We left in 04! I can’t wait to get to know you better!! 

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