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Fuzzi Bunz For Sale | Switching cloth diaper brands

Reluctantly, I’ve decided to switch brand of diapers. 🙁 It’s sad…and expensive.
I’ll update you all on the brand I like the best. For now, I’m working w/ Charlie Bananas and Bum Genius as my fave brands for BIG BABIES! 🙂

[UPDATE 1/8/15: Read here about my new favorite brand of cloth diaper.  Alva Baby Diapers. And I also have to recommend that before you buy a complete stash of diapers….buy one from a few different companies and try them on your baby! I had a large baby and these diapers are too trim for her. There are tons of online resources with reviews also that will help you decide which style/size of diaper might fit your baby based on his/her body type! And, of course things change too. Your skinny baby might grow and get chubbier so keep that in mind before you order a WHOLE stash and then have to sell them all 🙁 Boo hoo. ]

Contact me or comment below if you’re interested!

I’m asking $300 for entire lot of 23 or $15 each for FB One Size. (one not included…oops!)
4 – Crushed Berries
3 – Cotton Candy
2 – Big Sky
2 – Choco Truffle
1 – Grape
2 – Watermelon
1 – Mint
2 – White
3 – Spearmint
1 – Lime
2 – Tootie Frootie


I’ve taken exceptional care of them. I use rice paper liners (started at 6 mo). Never needed to bleach. They are perfectly white. I have a HE top loader so they get plenty of water and never had an issue with stink or ammonia smell.  They are perfect….except for the size of my large baby and heavy wetting situation.

Only problems are one brown/choco truffle is missing a snap & one tootie frootie is stained on the outside barely by blueberries!

Used for about 8 months in a rotation of 40+ diapers. Never needed bleach. Very white. My large baby has too big a belly for these. I just can’t make them fit her! Switching brands!

Emily Ekart - I am just now seeing this and guessing you have probably already sold these. It makes me SOOO sad because the day after you posted this I made the decision to invest in 24 one size fuzzibunz elites for about $400! I do know of someone else looking though and I may need a few more since I do have one in them now and one due in September so please let me know if you haven’t sold these.

Spots on hyenacart - Have you tried selling those dupes on spotscorner at hyecart? They seemed to have used CDs sell quick with good money.

tori - You want to return them and get mine?? They’re still available!!! Or ask your friend to email me!!! tori [at]

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